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This here is the Wiki for the HCIL Device Realization Lab, otherwise known as Ralph.

Current projects

How Tos


  • LogSquareCoder : define the task files to inform users what to do

- send an extra information using TCP port. - free trial version

  • LogSquareRecorder : define how to record the video

- do not stream the video, hence it's important that each task are small enough in case of failure - requires dongle license

  • LogViewer: can view the code file
  • SynchVideo : Synchronize all the videos
  • INTERACT : Video code application


  • Alibre - Constraint-based CAD software
  • Rhino - NURBS-based CAD Software (use with Microscribe)
  • SolidWorks - Alternative constraint-based CAD software
  • Microscribe - Measuring arm for 3D object acquisition


Printed Circuit Board

  • ExpressPCB - A fast turnaround PCB manufacturer
  • PCB Milling- A simple tutorial for milling a single or two-sided PCB with Eagle PCB design tool and Roland MDX-15 milling machine

Rapid prototyping

Other Fun Things

Getting started