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3D printer is currently under repair (10/18/07). A component (POGO pins) of the 3D printer needs replacement.

Documents related to 3D printing

It usually takes 1~2 days to get the model that you want. Therefore, if there's 2~3 people who want to use the printer during the same period. It is essential that you schedule the time slot with others to use it in parallel. If not, your precious 3D model can get ruined and become trashed. If you want a slot in the spreadsheet, send an email to Hyunyoung (hsong@cs.[umd domain]) or Nick (nchen@cs.[umd domain]).
$2 per cu inch (216 milli pixels) of material (powder + binder)
$45 per small bottle of glue.
total of $10 per cubic inch if smaller than 5 cubic inch
total of $7.5 per cubic inch if larger than 5 cubic inch
ZBond 101 3.5 oz is $45 and 16oz $150.
For detailed instruction, refer to the above guideline.

Maintenance TODO list

  • TO Order
Glue (the big bottle are better);
Vacuum bag;
Inkjet cartridge #10 from HP.
Bucket of powder
  • TO Install
Eyecatch and a webcam to take photo log of users of the 3D printer