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Pat Ipavich

Director of Administration
Telephone (301) 405-2771 Fax (301) 405-6707 E-mail Room 4173 A.V. Williams Bldg Hours 8:30a.m. - 5:00p.m.

Responsibilities include

Staff and faculty administration and activities management

Office of Faculty Affairs Faculty Handbook of Policies and Resources including forms for sabbatical and LWOP

  • APT
  • * APT Manual

  • Sabbaticals and leaves
  • * Sabbatical Leave Request Information

  • Buyouts
  • Staff, FRA, and Research Associate (post-doc) Hiring
  • S&S plans and e-Terp e-Terp
  • Appointment Letters/Contracts/Professorial offers
  • Committee assignments
  • Effort Reports
  • * ARES

    Select "Effort Reporting"; Select Faculty/Employee Access

  • Faculty Workload Reports
  • Consulting Forms
  • FARs and OPAs
  • * ARES

    Select the "Faculty Activities Report (FAR) and Outside Professional Activities (OPA) reports" from the Quick Links box

  • Department calendar, elections, APT/Education/Faculty/Dept. Council Meetings
  • Chair's support/calendar
Financial planning/oversight/review