Teaching Load and Course Buyout Policy

Revised Spring 2011

Professorial Faculty: The normal teaching load for Computer Science Professorial Faculty will be five courses per year. Faculty members who hold joint appointments with other University Departments/Institutes will have their Departmental teaching load reduced on a pro-rated basis. In addition, faculty members who have active research programs may be considered for a teaching reduction of one course per semester. The Department Chair approves all teaching load reductions.

Instructional Faculty: The normal teaching load for full-time Computer Science Science Instructors will be composed of four parts per semester, such as, teaching three courses and advising for one course of some combination, thereof. A teaching/advising load of less than four parts per semester may result in a decrease in the percentage of the instructor's university appointment. Should an Instructor have research funds that could be used to buy-out from his/her regular teaching load, the same buyout rate will apply to him/her regular teaching load, the same buyout rate will apply to him/her as applies to all other faculty members. The Department Chair must approve teaching load reductions.

Teaching Load Buy-out Procedure: The financial cost for a faculty member to buy-out from one course of their normal teaching load will be 20% of the person's academic year salary equivalent (9 month vs. 12 month salary). Fringe benefits will also be charged to the designated accounts.

Contact Sharron to begin processing the Buy-Out Form. She will provide the financial information and work with faculty in completing the Buy-Out Form.

Department Deadline: In order to facilitate course scheduling, the following deadlines for buy-out request are in effect:

Fall Semester: March 1
Spring Semester: October 1

Exceptions to the schedule must be approved by the Department Chair.