Foundation FAQs

How do I order pizza for a grading session?[edit]

Contact Sharron to place an order for pizza for your grading session. Provide the vendor you wish to use, the number and types of pizza you will need, and the location and point of contact information for the delivery.

Can I order something other than pizza?[edit]

Food purchases for grading sessions is limited to pizza in order to reduce the staff time associated with such purchases.

How do I get reimbursed for meals when alcohol was served?[edit]

You must obtain a detailed receipt for the meal. You will give the original receipt, list of attendees, date, location, and purpose to Adelaide and she will complete the Travel Expense Statement for the non-alcohol portion of the meal. Adelaide will then give Sharron a copy of the receipt, list of attendees, date, location, and purpose. Sharron will complete the disbursement request for the alcohol portion of the meal and your reimbursement check will be sent to your home address.

What do I need to know if I plan to travel and want to be reimbursed from my Foundation account?[edit]

Your travel is covered by the campus travel regulations, with one notable exception—use of a U.S. carrier is not required for air travel. Foundation travel forms are NOT online yet, so please contact Sharron for forms and further questions.

How do I charge membership dues, equipment purchases, etc. to my Foundation account?[edit]

To place an order for a purchase, give Sharron the information you have, including quotes, and she will prepare the purchase order to complete the purchase. To pay an invoice for membership dues, etc., forward the original invoice to Sharron who will prepare the disbursement request to have it charged to your account.