Open Enrollment

Health Insurance Open Enrollment (changing your health plan)

Once you have enrolled in a health plan, Open Enrollment is the only time during the year when you can make changes to your current health plans unless you have a change in family status. Open Enrollment is held annually in the Spring (normally the month of April or beginning of May). You will be notified by email and by mail from the Campus Benefits Office when Open Enrollment is taking place and of changes in plans and procedures.Please read all messages carefully since the procedures change from year to year. Each employee is responsible for verifying and changing their benefit coverage. Your Health Benefits are your responsibility. During Open Enrollment, you may enroll or make changes to your health insurance and optional insurance plans. Any changes made during Open Enrollment will be effective on July 1.

If you want to make changes or corrections, Open Enrollment is conducted through the Interactive Voice Response System (ITV). Instructions for using this system are listed in your Open Enrollment Package. Each call made to the IVR system will generate a confirmation statement that will be sent directly to you. Please review your confirmation statement to verify accuracy of your coverage.

The Open Enrollment booklet and a PowerPoint presentation concerning procedures and plan changes for the year can be found on the Benefits Office website

Also, the State of Maryland website has updated Health Benefit information.