Payroll Actions

New Employees

Anytime you would like to add a new employee, it is advisable to verify your funding with either Sharron McElroy for startup/discretionary or foundation funds, or JoAnn Simms for research funds.

Staff and Faculty Research Assistants/Associates
You must first contact the Chair's office for all employee requests other than graduate students and hourlies. Staff and Faculty Research Assistants/Associates must be approved at the campus level before payroll can be processed.

Teaching Assistants
Teaching Assistant appointments are handled through the Graduate Office . You must applyeach semester. Please refer to the Graduate Office website for information regarding the application process.

Graduate Research Assistants

New Graduate Assistant appointments,change and termination forms are currently online online

Once the appointment is completed, the graduate office will generate an offer letter for this student, and Jodie Gray will contact them for any necessary paperwork.


Please contact Kathy Barton or JoAnn Simms. As of 02/28/11 the current maximum hourly rates for hourly employees are $11.00 for undergraduate and $16.65 for graduate students. Exceptions may be requested when appropriate. Please contact Jodie Gray for questions regarding wage exceptions.

Current Employees

For all current employees, including Graduate Research Assistants, if you would like to change accounts or dates paid for current employees, please contact your Account Manager JoAnn Simms or Kathy Barton to complete a Payroll Action Change form.


Please note that for Staff, Faculty and Faculty Research Assistants/Associates, payroll action forms must be signed by the Chair's office prior to termination.

If you will be terminating an employee other than a Graduate Research Assistant please contact your Account Manager JoAnn Simms or Sharron McElroy to complete a Payroll Action Termination form.

Jodie Gray will send out requests for renewals at the beginning of each semester and the Summer. For GRA terminations which occur at times other than the end of the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters, you need to complete a termination form as soon as possible. This is especially important for students who are on visas. Please complete termination formsat least two weeks prior to termination date to prevent employees from being overpaid and avoid any potential visa issues.