Priority Reports

If you have been given online access to your Priority BA Central Financial Reports, you can follow the instructions below to view them. If you have already installed the campus vpn client, please proceed to step #3.

Your Priority BA Central Financial Reports are now available for review.

To login to BA Central please do the following:

1) Download the campus vpn client. (You may have our department's VPN client already installed. The installation of the campus' vpn will append the profiles you need to use the software. (This includes the UMApps profile). The installer can be found at vpn helpdesk.

2) Connect to the campus VPN using the UMApps profile (free security software download available from [Search on VPN]) and enter your UM directory id and password. You should see a gold lock icon on your desktop when the connection is established. If you have any problems with items 1 or 2, please contact the CS Computer Staff.

3) Open a web browser and enter (***there is no www in front of baws1***)

4) Enter your BA3 user id and password. Your BA Central User ID was included in the email message you received. If you have not already changed your password, click on "My Settings" then "Click Here to change your password."

Once you are logged in to BA Central, you will see:

My Accounts (Research Accounts)

My Project Balances (Discretionary funds: eg DRIF, start-up)

Payroll Statistics (Active Payroll Documents)

Account Alerts (Special Alert notices)

My Account Watch (Research Account Summary information)

By clicking on anything in blue type, you will drill down to more information.

For your Research Accounts listed under "My Accounts". The reports we would like you to look at for now are the "Account Status Summary" and the "Financial Statement". The Account Status Summary will give you a report similar to the online report that has been available for several years. The Financial Statement gives you more detail on current encumbrances and expenditures.

For discretionary funds, you can see your current balance on the main page. Click on "Project #" to get a summary of funds available and expenditures since July 2, 2007.

UMCP and USM Foundation reports are also available.

If you have any questions about your reports, please contact the appropriate Account Manager.