Proposal and Budget FAQs

How do I submit a research proposal?[edit]

Once you have decided to respond to a request for proposal (RFP), please contact Sharron McElroy or JoAnn Simms, who will coordinate the budget preparation and proposal submission. Please allow a reasonable amount of time (ideally two weeks) for proposal submissions. This will allow adequate time for budget development and the coordination of all proposal documentation. Depending on the agency's guidelines, the proposal documents required at time of submission may be complicated. During peak submission periods it is not unusual that 15 - 20 proposals will need to be processed by the office within a short period of time so we request as much notice as possible. This process will become even more complicated should you be collaborating with other institutions or other faculty members across campus due to the additional administrative layers required to process the proposal. Routing of the proposal through the University's administrative process may take several days and ORAA (The Office of Research Administration and Advancement) officially requests five days for processing.

What specific information is required to submit a research proposal?[edit]

  • URL for the request for proposal
  • Title
  • Anticipated start date
  • Duration of project
  • Name of agency
  • Budget information
  • Budget justification including specific details for equipment, travel, and supplies
  • Project abstract in 150 words or less

What is the cost for one graduate research assistant (GRA)?[edit]

Using the FY12 GRA Rates the cost for a Step III GRA for the Academic year is $20,136. The cost for a Step III GRA for 40 hours in the summer is $10,592. Fringe Benefits for GRAs are estimated at 25% of the total salary. In this case the Fringe Benefits would be $7,682. The CALF Fees for one year are currently $1,952. The tuition remission maximum is for 24 credits per year, ten credits each in the Fall and Spring semesters and four credits in the summer. The current charge per graduate credit is $500. The total yearly estimate for tuition remission would be $12,000. The total estimate (direct costs only) for one GRA would be $52,362. Facilities and Administrative Costs (F&A) are currently 52% but are not calculated on tuition remission. In the case of one GRA, the F&A costs would be calculated on $40,362. The F&A costs would be $20,988. The total estimated cost for one GRA would be $73,350.

How much can a faculty member request of his/her salary be included in a research proposal budget?[edit]

If a faculty member has a 12-month appointment he/she can request up to 25% of his/her salary from research funds. If a faculty member is paid on more than one research account, 25% of their salary is the maximum that can be paid among the various research accounts.

What is FastLane?[edit]

FastLane is the National Science Foundation's electronic proposal submission system. Any collaborative proposals (joint proposal with multiple institutions) must be submitted using FastLane.

How do I register to use FastLane?[edit]

Go to the ORAA website link and follow their directions for registering.

What do I do if I am a registered FastLane user and forget my password?[edit]

Contact Vonnie Perkins at 5-4179 or Vonnie.

What is[edit] is a cross-agency initiative from the 26 grant-making Federal agencies. It is used to locate funding opportunities as well as submit proposals.

Do I need to register with[edit]

No you do not. The University is registered as an organization. Should you want to submit a proposal that requires submission, contact Sharron or JoAnn as early as possible as the process can be more time consuming than other submissions.