Proposals:How to Submit

How to Submit a Proposal

Once a faculty member has determined he/she wishes to submit a proposal, he/she will need to contact Sharron McElroy (the main point of contact for the department) and JoAnn Simms (alternate point of contact). She will assist the faculty member with budget preparation, budget justification, current and pending, and proposal submission coordination. For information on budget development, see [Research Budget Preparation Research Budget Preparation].

Please allow a reasonable amount of time (ideally two weeks) for proposal submissions. This will allow adequate time for budget development and the coordination of all proposal documentation. Depending on the agency's guidelines, the proposal documents required at time of submission may be complicated. During peak submission periods it is not unusual that 15 - 20 proposals will need to be processed by the office within a short period of time so we request as much notice as possible. This process will become even more complicated should you be collaborating with other institutions or other faculty members across campus due to the additional administrative layers required to process the proposal. Routing of the proposal through the University's administrative process may take several days and ORAA (The Office of Research Administration and Advancement) officially requests five days for processing.

Once you identify a research solicitation you want to respond to, please send an e-mail to both Sharron and JoAnn and include the URL to any announcements. This information will be needed so a review of the requirements can be performed.

Feel free to contact either Sharron or JoAnn or the ORAA website should you have additional questions.