Business and Administrative Services

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===Who We Are===
<th>Job Functions</th>
<td>{|! scope="col" width="15em" | Name! scope="col" width="30em" | Job Functions! scope="col" width="15em" | Email|-| [[User:kathleen|Kathy Barton]]</td> <td>| Purchasing, inventory, teaching buy-outs, and non-research accounts</td> <td>| []</td> </tr>|- <tr> <td>| [[User:brenda|Brenda Chick]]</td> <td>| Department security issues, facilities maintenance, parking questions,office/lab renovations and furniture acquisition, special projects</td> <td>| []</td> </tr>|- <tr> <td>| [[User:adelaide|Adelaide Findlay]]</td> <td>| Visitor/guest speaker arrangements, seminar coordination, travel requests and reimbursements, Chair's calendar, office supplies, visas and appointments/changes</td> <td>| []</td> </tr> |- <tr> <td>| [[User:jodie|Jodie Gray]]</td> <td>| All payroll and benefits actions</td> <td>| []</td> </tr> |- <tr> <td>| [[User:pat|Pat Ipavich]]</td> <td>| Staff and faculty administration (APT, sabbaticals, hiring, S&S plans, leaves, letters/contracts, committee assignments, etc.), budget planning/recommendations/review, Chair's support/calendar</td> <td>| []</td> </tr>|- <tr> <td>| [[User:smcelroy|Sharron McElroy]]</td> <td>| Research budgets and proposals, foundation accounts,CALF accounting, and oversight of payroll, travel, and purchasing</td> <td>| []</td> </tr>|- <tr> <td>| [[User:joann|JoAnn Simms]]</td> <td>| Research fund accounting and management</td> <td>| []</td> </tr>|- <tr> <td>| [[User:jessica|Jessica Touchard]]</td> <td>| Mailroom operation, courier runs, keys and key-card activation, parking questions, and travel processing for CLIP lab</td> <td>| []</td> </tr> <tr> </table>|}
===Hours of Operation===