Travel FAQs

What is a Travel Approval Request and when do I need to complete it?[edit]

Travelers MUST have an approved Travel Request Form prior to the travel occurring. This is true even if you need to travel for business purposes but there will be no expenses charged for the travel. The only exception to this is if you are traveling locally and are not staying overnight.

Are receipts required if I request reimbursement for meals using the per diem?[edit]

No.  Travelers are not required to obtain meal receipts when using meal per diem. Any meals over the per diem rate require a receipt and justification. Approval must be obtained from the department chair.

Are travelers permitted to purchase a "First Class" air ticket?[edit]

No. Coach is the only travel class allowed on research funds. Business class can be purchased using a gift account or foundation money. First class can be purchased on Foundation money with a written medical waiver.

Are airport parking receipts required for reimbursement?[edit]

Any transportation or transportation related expenses up to a total of $75.00 per day do not require receipts. However, all espenses must be Actual and Reasonable, as determined by someone with authority (i.e. PI, Chair, Dean).

Can Department of Computer Science travelers receive an advance before taking the trip?[edit]

No.  Reimbursement is made after the trip is completed.

Is flight insurance reimbursable?[edit]

No.  Flight insurance is considered a personal expense.

Can colleagues approve travel for one another?[edit]

No.  Travel approvals must go through the Account Manager handling the account where the charges will be allocated.

Is a U.S. Flag carrier required for travel to a foreign country?[edit]

Yes.  The "Fly America Act" requires that all FRS accounts with Federal funds involved use a U.S. Flag carrier.

This includes:
All FRS account numbers beginning with 01-5 and many FRS account numbers between 01-4-30000 and 01-4-33999
This excludes all gift accounts, Start-up money and foundation funds.

Are there University travel agencies to contact to purchase tickets?[edit]

Yes. Please contact one of the agencies below. Once arrangements have been made, a Travel Request Form must be given to the Account Manager handling the account the travel will be charged to. Once the travel request is approved, the travel agency will be notified and reservations will be booked. Most reservations will be held 48 hours.

Omega World Travel at 301-403-4282

Travel-On at 301-403-4278

Globetrotter at 301-570-0800

Are lodging charges reimbursable?[edit]

Yes. The single room rate and tax fees are reimbursable with original, paid, and itemized receipts.

Are faxes or telephone calls made from a hotel reimbursable?[edit]

Yes. Business related fax or telephone calls are reimbursable with receipts.

How do I get reimbursed?[edit]

When you return from your trip, please complete a Travel Expense Statement. This form, along with all of your receipts should be given to the Account Manager for the account where the travel expense should be charged.

If I find an international flight on a foreign carrier that is cheaper than a US carrier, may I take it and get reimbursed?[edit]

No. ALL Federally funded travel must comply with the U.S. "Fly America" Act. A United States flag carrier MUST be used. If a US flag carrier is not available, you must have something in writing from your travel agent.

Are there ways to prepay things such as conference fees?[edit]

Airfare can be charged directly to an FRS account.
Conference and Registration fees can be charged on a Department Credit Card. Please see the Account Manager who is responsible for the account where the charges will be placed.
Hotel expenses can be charged to the Departments Diners Club Card. Please see the Account Manager responsable for the account where the charges will be placed.
See your Account Manager if you have other questions regarding pre-payment.