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Important Health Benefit Information for Graduate Students Who Expect to Complete Their Degree During the Summer

Around the middle of the Spring semester, all TAs, GRAs and 9 month faculty will receive a memo requesting information on their status for the Fall semester. This is extremely important and must be returned by the deadline to ensure Health Insurance coverage during the Summer months.

All CS Graduate Students with assistantships (either TA or RGA) are appointed for 9.5 months. Health coverage is provided during the academic year for students appointed for at least 50%, and over the summer months for those students who will return to the payroll as an employee for at least some part of the following Fall semester.

At the end of the Spring semester, TAs and GRAs will have a multiple insurance deduction taken (usually 5 times the normal premium) which is meant to cover health insurance through the Summer. However, summer coverage for health insurance is based on the student’s employment status in the FALL.

If a Teaching Assistant completes their Ph.D. requirements during by the Spring deadline, or during the summer months (by the August Graduate School deadline), they would not be eligible to return to the payroll as a Graduate Assistant in the Fall. These students MUST request that their multiple deduction be stopped or they will have deductions taken for the Summer coverage which cannot be refunded.

For Graduate Research Assistants only: If it is anticipated that a student may complete the requirements, or if there is some question as to whether or not that they may complete their Ph.D requirements prior to the following Fall semester, in order to ensure that their health coverage continues during the summer months,there may be alternatives to stopping the multiple deduction if certain requirements are met. Please contact Jodie Gray prior to the multiple deduction memo deadline, or earlier if possible.

For Teaching Assistants, or GRAs who do not meet the above requirements, there are some other options for Coverage: If a student is going to continue at the University but not be employed as a graduate assistant they are eligible for health insurance through the University Health Center. The University Health Center participates in an insurance program for students only via United Healthcare. click here for more information. If a student who was a graduate assistant (on payroll) is leaving the University they may be eligible for COBRA. COBRA (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act) provides former employees temporary continuation of health coverage at group rates. Group health coverage for COBRA participants is usually more expensive than health coverage for active employees, since usually the employer pays a part of the premium for active employees while COBRA participants generally pay the entire premium themselves. It is ordinarily less expensive, though, than individual health coverage. The rates are available on the University’s Human Resources web site.