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I was expecting my first paycheck, but did not receive one this payday. What’s wrong?[edit]

Are you an hourly employee?
If yes: hourlies are on a different pay schedule than salaried employees. Paychecks are for work dates two weeks prior to the pay period end date on your paycheck stub.

Did you submit your timesheet and have it approved on time?
If your supervisor did not approve your timesheet by the deadline, you will not be paid on time.

Did you work for another department prior to coming to the Department of Computer Science?
If yes (no matter how long ago), it is likely that your check went to your old department. Please contact Jodie, she will verify and change your check code if necessary.

How often are we paid?[edit]

We are paid on a biweekly basis, every other Friday.

How do I change my tax withholdings?[edit]

You need to complete a Tax Withholding form (W-4) form.On the bottom left hand side of this site, you will see a link to POSC. You can use this to make changes to your current withholdings unless you are a Non-resident alien. Non-resident aliens need to complete the pdf form online (W4 residing in MD 2011) and print it out; submit the form to Jodie with an original signature (in BLACK INK). Note: this form cannot have any crossouts or mistakes. It takes 2-3 paychecks for the change to be processed.

 How do I know how much I will receive each payday?[edit]

To determine your bi-weekly gross salary: If you are a graduate assistant or 9 month faculty member, you can divide your Academic Year salary by 22 pay periods. If you are a 12 month faculty member, divide your Fiscal Year salary over 26.07142857 pay periods, or 26.142857 pay periods during leap year.
Once you have determined your biweekly, your net (take-home) pay is determined by the amount of taxes withheld and other deductions such as health insurance and/or retirement. On the average, you can expect about 25-30% of your gross income to be withheld for taxes, however this can vary. Health Insurance amounts will vary as well.

Direct Deposit[edit]

Do I have to apply for direct deposit?[edit]

Maryland State Treasurer regulations, require all new state employees paid through the Central Payroll Bureau are required to participate in Direct Deposit. The Department will be charged for employees who do not enroll in direct deposit. Direct Deposit does typically take 2-3 paychecks to begin. Please note that Fellowship checks are not direct deposited. When you complete your fellowship paperwork you will be notified as to when to expect your fellowship. You must pick this check up in room 4169.

How do I apply for direct deposit?[edit]

Complete a Direct Deposit form. Please print out this form and submit to Jodie with an original signature (in BLACK INK). It takes 2-4 paychecks for direct deposit to begin. In the meantime, you will receive a real/paper check and are expected to pick your check up in 4169 A.V. Williams no later than the Tuesday following Payday. Those checks left in the office will be mailed to the address on the front of your check.

Can I have my check deposited in my savings account?[edit]

Yes, but you can only have your check deposited into EITHER a checking OR savings account, not both.

What happens once my direct deposit begins?[edit]

Once your Direct Deposit begins, you will be able to view and print your pay information online in one of three ways:

1. CPB Payroll Online Service Center (POSC)

If you have never used the online POSC system, you need to know the agency code: 360222 and you need to have your most recent pay advice/paystub number. If you do not have this information, please contact Jodie Gray.

2. The University ARES page

3. The PHR Time Entry page

Address Changes[edit]

What if my address is incorrect on my check?[edit]

You must complete a change of address form. You must print this form and complete it in BLACK INK ONLY. Please turn the form in to Jodie Gray.
All employees must complete a regular change of address form, and in addition, those on fellowships must complete a fellowship change form. If you have health insurance, you must also complete a benefits address form.

If I complete a change of address form, will this also change my address on my student account?[edit]

No, you must complete a separate change of address with the registrar’s office.

What if I lose my paycheck, or if my check was mailed to an incorrect address and I did not receive it?[edit]

See Jodie Gray and a stop payment and trace will be placed on the check. Note that this can take several weeks, so be absolutely sure that your check is lost. If the trace shows that the check was not cashed, a new check will issued. If the trace shows that the check was cashed you will be asked to verify your signature and submit an affidavit if you do not believe the signature is yours. Once the affidavit is received, a new check will be issued.