CMSC426 - Image Processing

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Course Information
An introduction to the principles of computer graphics. Includes an introduction to graphics displays and systems. Introduction to the mathematics of affine and projective transformations, perspective, curve and surface modeling, algorithms for hidden-surface removal, color models, methods for modeling illumination, shading, and reflection.

Instructor Section Day & Time Location
David Jacobs 0101 TuTh 2:00pm - 3:15pm CSI 1122

Course Prerequisite(s)
Prerequisite: Minimum grade of C- in CMSC330 and CMSC351; or must be in the (Computer Science (Doctoral), Computer Science (Master's)) program

Class Webpage
2015 (previous year) for example.

Hours Per Week
3-5 Hours

Languages Used

Recommended Prior Experience
Familiarity with data structures and linear algebra. Enough C and Java background you can adapt to using a very basic feature set of C++.

Projects, Exams, or other Assessments
You'll have several projects based on OpenGL, and you will also work on a simple ray tracer. One final exam and 4-5 projects.

Misc Info
It is a fun course primarily based on projects that will help you understand the basics of 3D computer graphics.