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Critique an existing web site

(Due Date: Sept 9, 2008, submitted on the wiki between 7:30am and 11am, add your name to the bottom of this page and link to the text of your critique (do not use a file)) Indicate your full name also on the actual critique page.

Description: Write a one-page critique (500 words maximum) of a website related to sustainable energy use from the links below. These are large sites, so explore for a while to gain an overview. Use the Eight Golden Rules (in Chapter 2) to structure for your comments (eight subheadings), but go beyond them if you like.

Be sure to describe positive aspects, and also make suggestions for revisions. Please work carefully to produce a thoughtful well-organized, well-written page that makes constructive suggestions about low-level items (spelling, fonts, colors, layouts, etc.), middle-level aspects (consistency, error handling, writing style, menu design, etc.), and high-level concepts (information architecture, navigation, audience appeal, privacy protection, credibility, etc.)

nature conservancy calculator (fairly comprehensive):

conservation international calculator (fancy, but not comprehensive):

UC Berkeley (nice graphics, still not good for student use):

UBC (this is an eco footprint instead of carbon footprint, but it's another University example):

carbon calculator listings:

Critiques (alphabetical by last name)

 * Please keep the format shown below, in order to facilitate grading.
 * Pick any existing table row and fill in your name.
 * Save this page immediately to let others know that the row is taken.
 * Feel free to reorder the rows to keep the table sorted alphabetically by last name.
 * DO NOT introduce new rows.
 * Remember to indicate your full name also on the actual critique page.
Last Name First Name Submission
Altebrando Mike Critique
Buehl Ryan Critique
Burmaka Vsevolod Critique
Choi Hyunchan Critique
Cordova Aaron Critique
Cordrey Tyler Critique
Dobson Nicholas Critique
Doran Kevin Critique
Filippova Mariya Critique
George Brett Critique
Goldstein Brian Critique
Graves Thomas Critique
Grunewald Calvin Critique
Hisley Adam Critique
Holbert Brett Critique
Holman Earl Critique
Kuznetsova Olga Critique
Lewis Cassandra Critique
Mnatzakanian Zaven Critique
Murray John Critique
Mylov Inta Critique
Nacios Stephanie Critique
O'Sullivan Adam Critique
Pennington Shawn Critique
Ramirez Juan Critique
Ray Malcolm - Jamal Critique
Shields Ian Critique
Shvartsman Eugene Critique
Song Min Critique
Spencer Sean Critique
Stohr Oliver Critique
Tang Khang Critique
Thawley Tania Critique
Thomas Matthew Critique
Whyms Elizabeth Critique
Wolfand David Critique