Flash Project 1

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Flash Project 1: Self Introduction

 Note: The Flash Introduction I slides are now available, see Flash Projects


September 25, 2008. Method of submission:

  • Use Upload File (also available from the toolbox on the lower-left) to upload your .SWF file.
  • Copy the link to the file.
  • Modify your Intro entry in the People page and link to your movie from there.
  • Email your .FLA file to umd.cs.ta at google's email service (@gmail.com).
  • You may try to follow these tips in order to reduce your Flash movie's file size


Create a 15-seconds long Flash movie introduction about yourself. The aim of this project is to become familiar with the basics of Adobe Flash, and to give you an opportunity to explore the various aspects of Flash. To keep it introductory, no programming is necessary for this project.

The following are the requirements for your Flash movie:

  1. Exactly 15-seconds long, 600x450 size
  2. Title and description (set the file's metadata)
  3. Picture of yourself
  4. Some text (at least your name)
  5. An audio clip with your voice
  6. Animation

Other than the above, you are encouraged to incorporate any other fun and creative elements into your movie. It is suggested that you come up with an overall theme for your presentation to make it effective and organized.

Grading Criteria

The grading for this assignment will be based on:

  1. (60%) Completeness: Are all the requirements fulfilled?
  2. (20%) Aesthetics: Was your use of fonts, colors, animation, and so forth aesthetically pleasing (e.g., readable text)?
  3. (20%) Organization: How well did you introduce yourself?