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Sustainability Web Sites

Carbon calculators

nature conservancy calculator (fairly comprehensive):

conservation international calculator (fancy, but not comprehensive):

UC Berkeley (nice graphics, still not good for student use):

UBC (this is an eco footprint instead of carbon footprint, but it's another University example):

carbon calculator listings:

Google carbon calculator

Conference Papers

Hanks, Kristin, Odom, William, Roedl, David, Blevis, Eli, Sustainable millennials: attitudes towards sustainability and the material effects of interactive technologies, Proc. CHI 2008 ACM Conf. on Human Factors and Computing Systems, ACM, New York (2008), 333-342.

Blevis, Eli, Sustainable interaction design: Invention & disposal, renewal & reuse. In Proceedings CHI 2007 ACM Press, New York (2007), 503-512.

Holmes, Tiffany, Eco-visualization: Combining art and technology to reduce energy consumption, Proc. ACM Conf. on Creativity and Cognition, ACM, New York (2007), 153-162.


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New York Times September 2, 2008

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