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Contact Info

External Links: Facebook

Email: agmur at our university mail service.

Interface I Enjoy Using



iTunes is a great digital music jukebox. It's a very powerful tool used to organize and play media files. I like using it, because it organizes all music on my computer the way I like it. It's easy to move files in and out of the library and to create playlists. It also automatically manages and synchronizes my iPod with my iTunes library every time I connect it to my computer. The original color scheme is very pleasing to the eye, and the layout feels very natural.

Interface I Dislike Using


Windows Command Line Interpreter

Windows command line interpreter is used to read in lines of text (commands) and interpret them in the context of the Windows operating system. I dislike using it, because it requires the user to memorize all the commands in order to use the interface efficiently. Otherwise the user has to keep looking at the 'help' menu for all the available commands and their intended use. Also, it requires a lot of textual input for many tasks can be done a lot faster graphically.

Software Technology I Think Has Most Changed Human Behavior In The Past Five Years


In recent years, Google has made an obvious impact on lives of all internet users. Google's search engine is the most commonly used search engine on the web due to its speed and correctness of results. The impact is so big, that the word "Google" has made its way into common English language. Instead of "looking for terms in a search engine," we now "Google" something. Nowadays surfing the web cannot be complete without using Google at least several times per hour. If we have any questions about anything, if we do not understand some word or concept, if we need to look for something, we turn to Google. And it delivers.

Google's success is not only due to continual improvement of already existing services, but to new technologies that are constantly developed. In addition to one of the most powerful search engines ever created, it also provides an array of services to make our lives, both on and off-line, more convenient. Some of them include: an email client, a calendar, a service to host photo albums, a map and directions service, a video aggregating service, a news service, a multilingual translator, and many more - all of which are excellent services comonly used all around the world. Google is constantly developing new software technologies, so the impact will be long lived, and we can be sure that they will have many more surprises for us in the future.