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Austin Kindred

Contact me: akindred AT

That's me at an autocross event at Summit Point Raceway.


I currently maintain three websites, one is a car club one my friends and I founded: Random Racing And a personal photography website for myself: Austin Kindred Photography And a corporate website: Havtech

Good Interface

An interface I enjoy using is Apple Aperture 2:


Aperture 2 is a streamlined one-stop image editing program. It manages your workflow, and organizes photos into albums. It features RAW image support and thorough editing tools so I never have to use PS.

I like it because of its ease of use. It is easy to organize photos into albums, etc... as well as edit the photos in almost as much detail as photoshop cs4. It makes it easy for me to streamline my workflow and distribute it to my family and friends. The left division on the screen is a nice way to show me all my folders and albums without taking up too much screen real-estate. This way I can use the program effectively for what it should be used for, image viewing and editing. The adjustment panel groups common editing functions together into categories so I can easily find the adjustment my pictures need.

Bad Interface

An interface I do not think is very good is the Windows XP network settings application:

Windows ip.jpg

This is the built in interface for Windows XP's network settings configuration. You can set your IP address and other settings like DNS, etc...

It's very confusing to use and too technical for most when they ask questions about it. They have too many choices to configure different devices, when you really just need to change your IP settings. It takes far too long to find what you're looking for, and generally it doesn't even work correctly. It takes a long time to load, which adds to the frustration of changing your settings. In order to adjust simple things like your DNS server you have to click through at least 3 menus to find it.

Most Important Software Technology

I think social web content has had the biggest effect on society in the last 5 years. Prior to facebook and myspace, there was nothing comparable on the internet. While blogs were relatively new, these two powerhouses really changed the way people used the internet. It was no longer just for personal entertainment, but now for social interaction as well. Sure, there was AIM, but nothing can really compare to the span of Facebook nowadays.

Now that we have facebook, the amount of interaction between people over the internet is something we have never seen before. You can tag people in pictures and post videos for your friends (and now family!). More people use the internet now than ever because of sites like facebook. My dad just got a facebook, and so does most of my family. There is nothing I have seen software wise that has impacted so many people.

These social sites have made the internet a far more serious place as well, due to the public nature of the content. If you break up, it's now "official" if you do it on facebook. There is nothing comparable even ten years ago, and if you had told me then that there would be a site like it, I would have laughed.