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Questions for Designing the Palm Pilot by Bergman:

  1. How did the 80/20 principle influence the design of the Palm Pilot interface? Provide two examples.
  2. Rob pointed out that more often than not, literal translation from PC to PDA format does not work. Which examples did he give to support that statement? Could you think about other examples?
  3. How did the Palm Pilot team come up with the overall shape of the device? How did that influence the screen design? In turn, how did that choice influence the interface design?
  4. Why are hardware buttons so important for the Palm interface? Why will more flexible software buttons not do?
  5. Why was the Synchronization feature so important to users? What made it successful?
  6. Evaluation was used extensively during the development of the original Palm Pilot. From the reading, list the different techniques used, when they were used in the product development cycle, and their outcome for the product.
  7. Explain how redesigning an interface could make a given processor feel faster. What was Haitani's response to the remarks such as "that's just one more tap" and "It would only take another second" on the interface design?
  8. What is a "Phone test"? Why was it so useful for the team?
  9. Do you think that it would be possible to build a PC interface without a Save feature?