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Contact Information

bria.d.smith at gmail dot com

Interface I Like

Mozilla Firefox - web browser

Firefox logo.jpg

Firefox has been my preferred web browser for a number of years. Two of my favorite features are its tabs and toolbar for bookmarked links. I also like how Firefox is the default browser for other platforms, such as Linux. My issues with pop-ups when using Firefox are practically nonexistent. Firefox also has many customization options, which allow users to tailor the browser to fit their personal preferences.

Interface I Dislike

Internet Explorer - web browser

Internet explorer logo.jpg

Though Internet Explorer has improved, I stopped using as my default browser some time ago because it did not have a feature for multiple tabs, which forced me to open and switch between different windows. I was also annoyed by the pop-up issues that I only seemed to have with Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer has developed additional capabilities over time, making my aforementioned reasons for disliking it less of a problem, but I still highly dislike it as a web browser.

Software Influencing Human Behavior

I think that social networking web sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace, have had a tremendous impact on human behavior over the past five years. Giving users the ability to upload photos and various types of personal information, these sites allow individuals to communicate with others both near and far with ease. These sites also have search features, allowing people to reconnect with those whom they have lost touch with over the years. Facebook, the site I am most familiar with, has different features that allow for multiple means of communication. In addition to wall posts, its private messaging feature mirrors e-mail, and its chat feature mirrors instant messaging. It also has quizzes, games, and other applications that users often find to be entertaining.

While some of these sites are more popular than others, they may all be used for personal, business, and entertainment purposes, reaching various aspects of human daily life. Millions of people use these sites on a regular basis, proving that humans continue to be interested in them. It may even be said that many individuals actually rely on them. The fact that our term project for this course is related to them also seems to reinforce the significance of social networking sites on human behavior.

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