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Due Date: Sept 16, 2009, submitted on the wiki between 7:30am and 2pm, add your name to the bottom of this page and link to a new page with on the wiki as indicated that contains your writeup (don't use a file), and link to the two webpages you created. Indicate your full name also on the actual critique page.

This assignment will get you familiar with HTML and CSS if you don't already know it, and you will apply these technologies to redesigning a familiar website.

  1. If you don't know HTML, read the w3school HTML Tutorial. If you don't know CSS, read the w3schools CSS Tutorial.
  2. Read the recent Wired article on Craigslist.
  3. Build a webpage with HTML and CSS that rebuilds the basic layout and interaction (color and underline change on mouseover of links) of www.craigslist.org. But you must implement this so there is no or very little layout information in the HTML (it must all be in CSS). To minimize your typing, it is sufficient to just do the first 4 columns (i.e., navigation, US cities, and US states).
  4. Build a second webpage that resdesigns the portion of the craigslist website that you built in the previous step according to Don Norman's recommendations and what you know about usability. And implement your redesign by ONLY changing the CSS from the implementation of the previous step.
  5. Write 2-3 paragraphs explaining what you felt was wrong with the original design and how your redesign addresses those problems.

Upload your solutions to a web server of your choice (i.e., UMD, private, hosted, etc). The two solutions should have identical HTML except for including different CSS files.

9/14 UPDATE: For this assignment, you should not copy the HTML or CSS from the original craigslist. Since the point of this assignment is for you to get some experience writing HTML & CSS, you should do this part yourself.

Evaluation Criteria

  1. (25%): Separation of HTML and CSS
  2. (25%): Part 2 matches basic layout and interaction of craigslist
  3. (30%): Usability of new design from Part 3
  4. (20%): Part 4 writeup clarity and quality of analytical thinking


Fill a sample row in the table, or duplicate and edit a row if there aren't any samples left. Alphabetize by last name. Change "HTMLid" so the "id" part is a unique number in the table.

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