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The goal of this homework is to get everyone familiar with basic Javascript programming and the use of the Google Web Toolkit alternative.

Due Wed, 9/30 at classtime (2pm)

Part 1: Javascript

If you aren't already familiar with Javascript, start by reading the JS HOME and JS OBJECTS sections of the W3School tutorial. Then, if you aren't familiar with the HTML DOM, read this tutorial.

You must build a web page from scratch (i.e, writing the HTML, CSS and Javascript) that lets two people play a simple tic-tac-toe game. You are free to use any layout technique you like (i.e., hand-positioned DIVs, a table, etc. The game must run entirely within the web browser through your Javascript code. You must support the following features:

  • There is an indication of whose turn it is.
  • Each player should be able to click on any empty square to place their mark ('X' or 'O') in that square.
  • The computer should determine who won and indicate the winner and an offer to clear the board and start over.

Part 2: Google Web Toolkit

If you haven't used it before, read and follow the tutorial. On your computer, install Eclipse and the Google Web Toolkit plugin for Eclipse following the instructions in the tutorial.

You must build a webpage from scratch (i.e., writing the HTML, CSS and Java code that generates Javascript) that does the same thing you did in part 1. Note that there is no server component to this assignment, so to post your project on a web server, you should:

  • Compile your project by pressing the red "G" button
  • Copy the entire "war" directory to your web server. The html file in the war directory will run your program. The reason to copy the entire directory is that it contains the javascript that was generated by the compile step.

UPDATE 9/18: The GWT implementation does not have to be exactly the same as the version from Part I. Instead, it should be functionally equivalent. However, I will say that there is no intrinsic reason that the two versions can not be identical from the user's perspective, so that would be an interesting target to aim for.


  1. Create a web page for the first part of the homework
  2. Create a web page for the second part of the homework
  3. Post the source code to your second (i.e., GWT) solution. (The first web page includes your entire source code, so no extra posting is necessary).

Upload your solutions to a web server of your choice (i.e., UMD, private, hosted, etc).

Post a link to your web pages in the table below. Fill a sample row in the table, or duplicate and edit a row if there aren't any samples left. Alphabetize by last name.

Last Name First Name Webpage 1 Webpage 2 Zipped GWT solution
Apau Emmanuel Website 1 Website 2 File:Game.zip
Bardack Avi Javascript Solution GWT Solution GWT Source Code
Berns Michael First Second Src
Bukhari Adil One Two GWT Source
Cheng Jeffrey JC_1 JC_2 JC_3
Craft Michael Webpage Webpage GWT
Folkoff Martin Webpage 1 Webpage 2


Fruin Brendan Webpage 1 Webpage 2 Code
Gmurczyk Antoni Javascript GWT Source
Greene Jared Javascript GWT Source
Handy Matthew Javascript GWT GWT Zip
Hasan Rayhan Javascript Game GWT Game GWT Zip
Hatley Leshell Javascript Game GWT Game GWT Zip
Jackoway Alan Javascript GWT GWT SRC
James Jeffrey JS Sol GWT Sol GWT SRC
Kindred Austin JS Sol GWT Sol http://www.randomracing.net/cmsc434/jshw/gwt.zip GWT SRC]
Kuenzel Michael JS Sol GWT Sol Zippy Zip
Morris Brian JS Tic-Tac-Toe(BTM) GWT Tic-Tac-Toe(BTM) GWT-Code(BTM)
Nishihama Ed JS Sol GWT Sol GWT-Code
Oaks Ryan JavaScript Webpage GWT Webpage GWT Source
Osman Tarek JS TicTacToe GWT TicTacToe GWT Source
O'Brien Steve JS TicTacToe missing missing
Page Christopher JavaScr Version [1] GWT solution]
Pirner Amanda Javascript Page GWT Page GWT solution
Reynolds Timothy JS Page GWT Site GWT sol
Rogan Thomas Javascript GWT GWT solution
Schoenfeld Andrew Javascript GWT Source
Siddiqi Noor Javascript GWT GWT Code
Sidhu Tandeep Javascript GWT Zip file
Slutsker Sasha Javascript GWT Source of main Java file - Full ZIP
Smith Bria Javascript GWT GWT code
Speck Chris site 1 site 2 GWT code
Thomas Nicole JS Page GWT Page GWT Source Code
Vaughn William "Chip" JS Webpage GWT Webpage GWT Solution
Weisenborne Jimmy JLW JavaScript Page in progress in progress
Young Jason JavaScript GWT GWT Source
Sample last name Sample first name Webpage 1] Webpage 2] GWT solution]