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1 (20 points): In an experiment, participants are presented with 3 symbols simultaneously and instructed to press the “Y” key on a keyboard if the three symbols are identical, and the "N" key if they are not.

List the steps in terms of the three components of HIP needed for a person to answer the above problem. For each step, briefly describe what is happening at that step. Summarize the number of each of the three components.

2 (20 points): You are standing in front of a large concrete wall. Right next to you, a friend is blowing a horn creating a short pulse of sound every 4 seconds. What is the closest you and your friend can be from the wall so that you perceive an echo? Explain your answer. (you can assume that the speed of sound is 330 m/s).

3a (30 points): Perform a KLM analysis of the Windows calculator pictured below using only the mouse for input to predict how long it will take to perform the calculation SQRT((27+5)*2), with the button presses indicated below. Use the KLM rules from the slides and assume that all arithmetic operators, including =, are commands. Show all steps used to reach your answer, including the rule(s) applied at each step.



3b (30 points): Now, replace the constant mouse pointing time with a Fitts' Law analysis, and compare the KLM analysis with this Fitts' Law analysis. Use the following formulation of Fitts' Law:

   T = k log2(D/S + 0.5), k ~ 100 msec. 

Post a link to your homework in the table below. Fill a sample row in the table, or duplicate and edit a row if there aren't any samples left. Alphabetize by last name. Do not look at other people's homeworks until have you have finalized yours.

Last Name First Name Homework
Apau Emmanuel etaHW
Bardack Avi Models
Berns Michael Models
Bukhari Adil Models
Buzek Olivia Answers
Cheng Jeffrey JC HW
Craft Michael Solutions
Folkoff Martin Solutions
Fruin Brendan Solutions
Gmurczyk Antoni Solutions
Greene Jared Solutions
Handy Matthew Solutions
Hasan Rayhan Solutions
Hatley Leshell Solutions
Jackoway Alan File:AlanJackowaysModels.pdf
Kindred Austin HW
Kuenzel Michael Solutions
Morris Brian BTM HW
Nishihama Edward HW
Oaks Ryan Models HW
O'Brien Steev SOB HW MODEL
Osman Tarek Media:TAO_models.pdf
Page Chris HW
Pirner Amanda HWK
Reynolds Timothy Models HW
Rogan Tom HW
Schoenfled Andrew Homework
Siddiqi Noor HW
Slutsker Sasha Homework
Sidhu Tandeep Models_TS
Smith Bria BDS HW
Speck Chris Homework
Thomas Nicole Homework
Vaughn William "Chip" HW
Young Jason Homework
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