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Contact Info

My facebook account is here.

My email is youngj AT umd DOT edu.

Good Interface


I like using Paint.Net because it is very easy (intuitive) to get started. You can do a lot without going to a help document. Best of all, it's free!

Bad Interface


I dislike using Adobe Reader. While it's very portable and convenient, I can never seem to get the settings the way I want them to be. I always seem to end up selecting an image when I want to scroll or skipping past the end of a page when I expected there to be a transition with some whitespace.

Software Technology

I think Google has most changed human behavior in the last five years. Before people would have to search several different search engines in order to get the best results. Finding credible articles was very difficult. In fact, it was often easier to go to the library and look up books on the subject instead of searching online.

With Google, searches became much more accurate. Everyone uses it to find information. Googling is a commonly used verb, showing just how frequently people go to Google. Google has completely changed the way people search.