Michael Kuenzel

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Junior with major in Comp. Sci. and minor in Astronomy.

Initials: MPK

E-mail: mkuenzel at umd dot edu

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DoctorEmmettBrown


Enjoyable Interface

Songbird (The open source alternative to iTunes) has a wonderful interface. It supports the use of tabs and web browsing. There are several ways to search through your library each of which is easily accessed. Available plug-ins retrieve artist information and concert dates.


Terrible Interface

Windows Media Player has an awful interface. It supports all the features you'd like to have in a music organizer but the features are all sloppy. Songs and albums are organized alphabetically but are cluttered by thumbnails of album artwork. By default the player searches for media over the network, and combined with loading all the artwork this makes for a slow startup. All of these things are customizable but the options are hidden well behind a fairly unattractive interface.

Software Technology

Web Browsers

Since their inception, Web Browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox have revolutionized the way we connect to the web. They abstract the technical portion of accessing the internet thus allowing all users to navigate to various websites without needing in-depth knowledge of how it works. Browsers are so effective that they are almost synonymous with the word internet.

In recent years ever improving browsers have sped up page load times and allowed for 3rd party add-ons that provide a plethora of features for the curious user. The creation of tabs cut down on the mass of open windows clogging the task bar and allowed for much quicker and easier browsing. Humanity now interacts on a daily basis with one another with ease thanks to the innovation of web browsing.