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I'm a senior computer science major and Spanish minor.

noor [at] umd [dot] edu

Good Interface

I have three email accounts, and Yahoo! Mail is still my favorite web-based email server. I use the Classic mail interface, and the simplicity of it has made me prefer it even over Gmail. Gmail is easy to use, but it gives the user many options to create sub-folders and tabs, but I personally don't need any of that. Classic Yahoo! Mail gives me the basic folders in a straightforward interface.

Yahoo! Mail.jpg

Bad Interface

NetBeans can be a powerful Integrated Development Environment (especially for creating Java applets), but I don't think it has an intuitive interface. The first time I dealt with Eclipse (another IDE), I picked it up immediately, but I'm still not very comfortable with NetBeans. There are too many buttons, tabs, trees - the user easily gets lost. And it's kind of ugly-looking too.


Influential Software Technology

The Nintendo Wii has changed not only how humans interact with technology, but also who interacts with technology. Video games have predominately been for the younger male generation, but the Wii has encouraged people of any age and gender to play. Statistics show a new age demographic of fifty+ year-olds on the Wii, not to mention an increase in female gamers since 2006.

Since the unveiling of the Wii, video games are fast becoming one of the main sources of entertainment for families. More are reporting playing video games together as a pastime, and I think its appeal will increase as people continue to look for low-cost means of entertainment in a declining economy. Before the Wii, video games were just entertainment - now they influence all aspects of social behavior. The Wii Fit, for instance, renewed an interest in being healthy, and Wii Sports urged people of all ages and ethnicities to get involved in video games.

The Nintendo Wii inspired an entire genre of interactive gaming. Rock Band, Microsoft’s future Project Natal, and even Sony’s upcoming motion controller are all following in the steps of the Wii. Nintendo’s console revolutionized the way society views video games, making it something to watch for as it continues to increase in popularity in the coming years.

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