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You have reached the profile page of Tandeep Sidhu (tsidhu -at- Maryland). I'm a graduate student in the CS department.


Interface I like

One example of an interface I like would be Gmail. It has number of elements that make it very easy to use. The search box provides the ability to quickly search thousands and thousands of messages. Advanced users (like myself) like the ability to specify advanced search parameters in the search box. More recently, Gmail even suggests these advanced search parameters while you are typing your search.

The ability to label messages and quickly retrieve messages by label makes it easy to categorize messages. It also doesn't annoy me with pop-up messages before doing important tasks. Combine that with the ability to undo on number of actions (like delete, assign label, etc.) makes it easy to rollback if you make a mistake.


Interface I dislike (more like hate)

The User Access Control (UAC) feature in Vista has come to be known as the most despised feature in Microsoft Vista. On every action in Vista that requires access (or changes) to the protected area, Vista throws this pop-up box that requires a user to confirm access to the protected area. This alert box doesn't remember a user preference so even if you try to access the same protected area in a short time, you will see the pop-up box again.

For some actions like deleting files from a protected area, even if you confirm that you wish to delete a file, UAC will not allow to delete certain files. In doing so, it will show popup boxes with the most cryptic error messages which popup again and again asking the user the same question.



I think blogging, which is task of maintaining a blog (online journal), is a software technology which has changed human behavior in the last 5 years. It has given people a new way of communicating their views, ideas, and experiences with the rest of the world (and friends). Doing so it has provided a easy and quick outlet for individuals to disseminate information.

Blogging has also been a very useful for people on the web looking for information. With the vast of amount of information that is now generated via blogs, people can plenty of information on wide variety of subjects. This complements other forms of information that is available from variety of sources like news agencies, companies, and other trusted resources. People also like getting access to this unscripted, unpolished, behind the scenes access to the information provided by other individuals.

Blogging also provides an opportunity for people to connect with people with similar interests. When people find blogs that interest them, they tend to come back to the blog in future to find more information. They also can have a conversation with the author (usually on the topic being discussed in the blog) using the comments feature available on the blogs. Thus blogging fits into the whole new social networking realm.