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I've been a phone aficionado since I got my first phone in middle school. At that time phone’s did not have many functions other than general phone use. Ever since I’m always looking for the newest and best mobile device.

So as soon as the iPhone came out back in 2007 I rushed out to an Apple store and bought it and was Immediately in love. This phone was truly amazing; I vowed never to give it up. Although I did have a few gripes with it, one was that I wasn't able to use it as a phone in my house as the service was abysmal. I still defended it With all my might as it was the best phone on the market. Every revision Apple would make I was sure to buy. Last summer everything changed, the Palm Pre came out and I finally made the switch from AT&T to Sprint and i'm not looking back!

Interface I Like

Palm WebOS


Palm WebOS is the revolutionary new mobile OS by Palm. It currently is used on one phone the Palm Pre. It allows for automatic syncing of Google and Facebook accounts. It is one of the iPhone's main competitors.

I love the interface implemented by WebOS because it enables users to have access to all the necessary information at once. This ability is more formally known as multi-tasking, this is one reason why I like the Palm Pre's interface over the iPhone's. Another reason I prefer Palm Pre's interface is the notification system is extremely detailed yet not intrusive.

Interface I Dislike

Windows Mobile 6.1 (WM 6.1)


Windows Mobile is another mobile OS.

The reason i dislike WM 6.1's interface is due to the over complexity and lack of user-friendliness. I believe the problem with Windows Mobile is that Microsoft tried to take their PC platform and put it on a mobile device. An example of this is the multitude of menus, it makes the phone way too complicated for a general user. Another problem is the buttons, when WM is used with a touchscreen the buttons are way too small to be used accurately.

Important Software Technology

A software technology that has most changed human behavior in the past five years is the iPhone OS. I believe that it has revolutionized the way users interact with their phones. Before the introduction of the iPhones most users only had a general purpose mobile phone that would be used only as a means of communication. While there was a couple of more feature laden devices the general user did not have such a device as they were either too complicated to use or too expensive to own.

The iPhone allows users to email, browse on the internet, game, and use it for communication; all on one device that can be kept in a pocket. The iPhone not only allowed all these features to more technologically savy users, it allowed the general user to own such a device. Since the inception of the iPhone an influx of other mobile devices have been introduced to imitate the iPhone's usability. Now the general mobile device owner can browse the internet, email, game, and communicate.