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This page will host everything about the term project. To start, here is a list of possible ideas. Please feel free to put your own ideas down with a link to your wiki page so you can recruit people to form a group. Remember that your proposal (with group members) is due soon.


User Needs Page

First Design Page

Tasks & Questionnaire Page

Usability Test Page

Final Report Page

Final Report PDF

Team Members

· Emmanuel T. Apau –kaveiii@gmail.com

· Tom Rogan – trogan@umd.edu

· Ed Nishihama (EMN)

· Alan Jackoway – jackoway@umd.edu

Every freshman that comes into campus obtains some sort of booklet or pamphlet claiming to be the student’s handbook to college by some author. This is usually full of common sense and erroneous dated information that is never found useful. Our solution is UMDSurvival.com, a student’s college survival guide created by students for students.

We plan to implement this idea by way of forum. It will be a simple, highly usable forum where students can freely post information on a variety of topics such as tips about campus (school policy, unknown financial aid, free parking etc), class reviews, student events/parties and other campus information. By requiring a University of Maryland email to register, we will help verify the authenticity of posts. In addition, we hope to integrate the service with Twitter so that students can make new posts and get information about upcoming events, free food, and other time-sensitive occurrences delivered straight to their twitters.


We plan on obtaining our sample users for usability testing from UMD Students. We plan on advertising in the dorms, and campus buildings through fliers, and chalking the grounds. We will encourage users to join the study by offering them free pizza, which we believe will be an effective way to get users to participate in the study and to help spread the word about the new site.

What's Good in College Park


  • Project Name - What's Good (in College Park)
  • System Name - College Park Restaurant/Bar Review Site


User Needs

Low-Fidelity Prototypes

Task List & Questionnaire

Usability Test

Final Report


Our idea is to make a comprehensive review site for restaurants and bars in College Park. Along with the usual restaurant data, pricing, special deals, and reviews, it will be the first site we've heard of to have ratings on individual items, allowing for people who are new to restaurants to choose the best thing on the menu. There will be menus with pricing information, and there will be a variety of search/sort options to help people doing such tasks as finding the cheapest burgers or the top-rated tacos in town. Another feature that other sites don't have is the ability to tack characteristics such as "expensive", "dirty", or "friendly service". Users will be able to agree or disagree with ratings to help curb "troll" reviews. There will also be a profile section where users can list their favorite restaurants and meet up with others through the site. Finally, we may make this as a Facebook app.

We'll get users from talking to people in the streets of College Park and through Facebook. Given that (nearly) everyone in College Park likes to eat at some point or another, interest for this site should be uniform and moderately high among all demographics here (especially around dinnertime). We'll find people from a wide range of backgrounds in order to get the best tests.

College Park Routes


  • Project Name - College Park Routes
  • System Name - CPR


Our project's goal is to develop a website that allows people within the College Park area to not only mark out their own biking/running/walking routes, but to also find and share routes they are interested in. In order to achieve this goal we are going to implement an extension to Google maps. This extension will allow people to visually input their routes and receive feedback in terms of mileage and other relevant statistics, and also allow users to find routes they may be interested in. Individuals would simply zoom in to the location of interest within College Park and routes would appear filtered to their own specific interest, whether it be running, biking, or a leisurely walk.

Finding a suitable usability group won't be hard for this project as most everyone could utilize it. However, we think the UMD cross-country team, the running club, and the biking club will have people who may find this tool more useful than others. These organizations contain individuals directly interested in finding information about their own routes and finding new routes they might enjoy. You might go as far as to say people from these groups are experts in the field of routes, so their input is surely going to be beneficial to our interface decisions.

User Needs
Low-Fidelity Prototypes
Task List & Questionnaire
Usability Test Report
Final Report

Facebook: Best Photos

Title: Facebook's Best Photos

System Name: Best Photos



When photographers examine their photos after a shoot, deciding which of ten cat photos has the best lighting is not an easy task. We propose to harness the information distribution powers of Facebook apps to allow a photographer's friends to help make the decision easier. User roles will be divided into owners and voters. The owner marks a group of photographs that they need help making decisions about, and states a goal for how they would like others to narrow it down (e.g., best wedding photo, best angle for portrait). Voters are presented with one of two tasks: to provide ratings on a 1-5 scale for photographs, or to choose between two photos placed side-by-side. The ratings are then collected and organized in a way that would be helpful to the owner, letting the best photos as decided by the community rise to the top.

Facebook makes a good vehicle for this project because many Facebook users already post their photos on the site. Any of those users who are also interested in input on the photos will be a prime user base for owners, and friends of owners will be useful as voters. We can appeal to people who are taking a photography class on the campus in particular as a base group of users.

User Needs

Low-Fidelity Prototypes

Task List and Questionnaires

Usability Test

Final Report

New Kind of News and Content Portal

  • Project Name - The Friendly News/iNews/uNews (undecided, got a good idea?)
  • System: Google Wave News Portal

News Portal User Needs

Task List

New Portal Usability Test Report

uNews Final Report


Our group plans to create an app for Google Wave to help change the way people interact with news materials on the internet. We want to create an environment where users interact with news items by allowing them to repackage the news items with photos, videos, links, highlights, comments, and so to create a new news item to share with others. Users will form groups to share their repackaged news items as well as original news items, and both active and passive methods will be used in determining the presentation of the news - the general idea being that users can discuss news material with their friends or people with common interests, items they comment on or add to, and items that are read by many members of the group.

The app will feature the ability to allow users to create their own categories of news (i.e. create their own sections such as sports, politic, and so on) to go along with the default categorization. The portal will also allow users to rate the news items and enable the portal to make recommendations about other articles that the user may be interested in. The user would also get recommendations based on what other users are viewing and how they rated the materials. Finally the app will allow users to upload their own material to create their own news portal items.

In terms of finding suitable users there are many people who rely on the internet for there news articles. Thus, we should be able to find many suitable users on or around campus. Hopefully we will also be able to get some broad categories of users such as students, professors, coworkers, and so on.

Google Wave / ICDL Social Reader

OurUMD Mobile

Musical Faction

Database Driven Match-Making Site for People Who Play Fighting Games(Codename: Fighter Nation)

Revamp UMD