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Emmanuel Twum Apau (ETA)


About Me!

Hey my name is (written above). I'm a Ghanaian/Gambian. I came to america oooh six years ago, became a citizen about last year summer yaaaay! in-state Tuition :O I Plan to graduate next semester, and thinking it maay all depend on whether i get into cmsc414(Network Security). SO if any of you reading this, are just taking the class for fun, i'm number 1 on the waitlist so be kind and drop ;D


Facebook: [1]

Also i'm Jealous of Christopher Speck's page...:( he's has his images all nicely resized

Good Interface

Adobe After Effects. It has a steep learning curve, but once you master how to add the desired effects to a video. You realize that if you had the interface any other way it would it wouldn't work.

One major reason why i leave the new version CS4 is that, it is now linked with Adobe Premiere. So if i'm working on a clip in Premiere and need to add some special effects to a certain clip.

Instead of going through the hassle of exporting that particular clip, you can now just click the export to Affects Effects button, and it loads up ready to go!

Adobe Effects

Bad Interface

siiigh, Google's Chrome. Now i am an avid user of Chrome. Its light, easy to use, makes browsing a smooth easy transaction. But recently just deleted it and went back to Mozilla Firefox after i discovered one chronic flaw....... It has no "Set image to Background option" .................. yes.

Now for some one who changes he's background pretty often, it is a pain in the *** to have save an image and THEN set it to background. This round about way gets pretty annoying when u have multiple images to choose from and want to see what looks best. Class2.jpg

Software With Biggest Impact

Apple iPod.

I believe that in the past 5 years the apple iPod has changed the way we view mp3 players completely. I remember back in high school nobody had an iPod, merely because of its $300 price tag. there were multiple mp3 players out there for cheaper so it just didn't make sense. Also why would someone need a more than 10gb of memory for music.That if you owned one, you felt like you were in an elite club of iPod owners & felt one step above the rest.

It wasn't long before everybody wanted to join this club. People began to realize that the iPod's touch pad, and iTunes made music management, a worry of the past that young & old generations could use it with ease. Also with the introduction of the iTunes store provided a quick and simple means to purchasing music than becoming a member of multiple random online sites.

Apple's refusal to lower their standard price for an iPod ($300), Eventually made people view that a $300 price tag for an mp3 player was not too bad of a price, through that they were able to bring out more products with exorbitant price tags i.e. iPhone, and still have people purchasing it.