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Critique an existing web site:

(Due Date: Sept 14, 2009, submitted on the wiki between 7:30am and 2pm, add your name to the bottom of this page and link to the text of your critique (do not use a file) Indicate your full name also on the actual critique page.


Write a one-page critique (500 words maximum) of a website related to exercise. Use Norman's guidelines and Shneiderman's eight golden rules to structure your comments, but go beyond them if you like.

Be sure to describe positive aspects, and also make suggestions for revisions. Please work carefully to produce a thoughtful well-organized, well-written page that makes constructive suggestions about low-level items (spelling, fonts, colors, layouts, etc.), middle-level aspects (consistency, error handling, writing style, menu design, etc.), and high-level concepts (information architecture, navigation, audience appeal, privacy protection, credibility, etc.)

Critiques (alphabetical by last name):

  • Please keep the format shown below, in order to facilitate grading.
  • Fill in a sample row, or create a new one by duplicating a row and changin the name
  • Look up table and hyperlink formats to figure out what the syntax here means.
  • Save this page immediately to let others know that the row is taken.
  • Keep the table sorted alphabetically by last name.
  • Remember to indicate your full name also on the actual critique page.

Evaluation Criteria

  1. (50%): Writing quality
  2. (50%): Thoughtfulness and depth of analysis


Last Name First Name Submission
Apau Emmanuel Critique for 6 pack abs
Bardack Avi Critique of PRO Sports Club
Berns Michael Critique of Campus Recreation Services
Bukhari Adil Critique of Fitness First Clubs
Buzek Olivia Critique of Yoga Journal
Cheng Jeffrey Critique of Washington Metro
Craft Michael Critique of
Dmuchowski Bradley Critique for
Fruin Brendan Critique of Planet Fitness
Folkoff Martin Critique of
Gmurczyk Antoni Critique of Health & Fitness Tips
Greene Jared Critique of All The Whey
Handy Matthew Critique of Black Mesa Source Website
Hasan Rayhan Critique of
Hatley Leshell 2nd Attempt = Critique of WomenFitness Website
Hatley Leshell Critique of Joan Gantz Center Cooney Website
Jackoway Alan Critique of WebMD Exercise Workout and Fitness
James Jeffrey Critique of Sgt Fitness
Kindred Austin
Kuenzel Michael Critique of Exercise Perscription
Morris Brian Critique of
Nishihama Edward Critique of
O'Brien Steven Critique of
Oaks Ryan Critique of The Pumping Station
Osman Tarek Critique of
Page Chris Critique of mensfitness
Pirner Amanda Critique of Sport & Health
Reynolds Tim Critique of Club-One fitness
Rogan Tom Critique of Steadfast Fitness
Schoenfeld Andrew Critique of Muscle & Strength
Siddiqi Noor Critique of Bally Total Fitness
Sidhu Tandeep Critique of
Slutsker Sasha Critique of
Smith Bria Critique of
Speck Christopher Critique of of
Thomas Nicole Critique of Life Time Fitness
Vaughn William "Chip" Critique of Total Fitness of Columbus, IN
Weisenborne Jimmy Critique of
Young Jason Critique of Gold's Gym
Sample last name Sample first name Critique