Xerox Star Questions

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Historical perspective - Xerox Star by Johnson

  1. What was the key target persona for the Xerox Star?
  2. What are the key technologies that made Xerox Alto/Star possible?
  3. Give the advantage/disadvantage of time-shared systems and stand-alone PC. What did Xerox do to take advantage of these two apparently different types of systems.
  4. Provide several examples in which users studies were used to make decisions about the final design.
  5. What are the key aspect of the Desktop Metaphor? How does it differ from the a simpler windows based interface? What are the key elements that make the metaphor work?
  6. Why are modes considered harmful in interface design? How could Star avoid the use of modes? In what situations should the modes be allowed?
  7. How does the progressive disclosure strategy works? Give specific examples. Which persona will benefit most from progressive disclosure?
  8. What is the Tool metaphor? Why and how did the Star system departed from it? What metaphor is used in Windows XP or Mac OS X?