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Critique an existing web site

(Due Date: Sept 7, 2011, submitted on the wiki between 10am and 1pm, add your name to the bottom of this page and link to the text of your critique (do not use a file)) Put your full name, date, and email also on the actual critique page.

Description: Write a 400-600 word critique of a website related to medical informatics - use from the links below. These are large sites, so explore for a while to gain an overview. Use the Eight Golden Rules (in Chapter 2) to structure for your comments (eight subheadings), but go beyond them if you like.

Be sure to describe positive aspects, and also make suggestions for revisions. Please work carefully to produce a thoughtful well-organized, well-written page that makes constructive suggestions about low-level items (spelling, fonts, colors, layouts, etc.), middle-level aspects (consistency, error handling, writing style, menu design, etc.), and high-level concepts (information architecture, navigation, audience appeal, privacy protection, credibility, etc.)

Consumer Health Information

National Institutes of Health
FDA Medical Devices

University Health Centers

UMD Health Center
UPenn Health Center
Washington Univ Health Center
Univ of South Florida

Commercial Web Sites

Merck Manual - Home Edition
Patients Like Me
Microsoft Health Vault
Kaiser Permanente Total Health

Critiques (alphabetical by last name)

  • Please keep the format shown below, in order to facilitate reading.
  • Remember to indicate your full name, date, and email also on the actual critique page.
  • add your critics Sep 7th, Wed, between 10am and 1pm
    (I cut critics submitted so far. They will be back at the last minute).
} }
Last Name First Name Submission Target Service
Akbarian Rob RA Critique UPenn
Ali Gibran Ali Critique UM Health
Anderson Adam Anderson Critique WebMD
Azar Michel MA Critique UM Health
Chen Alisa AC Critique UPenn
Crosby Troy Troy Critique UM Health
D'Amico Nisha ND Critique UM Health
Fleming Henry Hflem Critique WebMD
Ford Whitney Whitney's critique MS HealthVault
Gardner Stephen Stephen's critique UM Health
Gorelick-Feldman Gabe Gorelick Critique UM Health
Guthrie Andrew AG Critique MS HealthVault
Hazlett Paul Phazlett Critique UM Health
Higgins Andrew Ahiggins critique MS HealthVault
Houng Doris DH Critique UM Health
Hu Bingchen BH Critique UM Health
Iman Sina Iman Critique UM Health
Jones Vicki Vicki Critique UM Health
Karimi Pouya Karimi Critique UM Health
Khosravian Afsheen Afsheen Critique MS HealthVault
Klinar Heather Heather Klinar Citique UM Health
Kohn Joshua JK Critique UM Health
Kravets Val VK Critique MedlinePlus
Lager Brian Lager Critique UM Health
Li Molly ML Critique NIH
Machado Ryan Ryan Machado's Critique MS HealthVault
Muller Chris Cmuller Critique Kaiser Total Health
Prince Avi AP Critique MS HealthVault
Salts Jamie Salts Critique UM Health
Seng Robert USF SHS Critique USF student health
Shih Ricky Rshih Critique HealthPartners
Silver Kevin Silver Critique UM Health
Sooklal Kristian Sooklal Critique UM Health
Starsoneck Matt MS Critique PatientsLikeMe
Tennity Brian BT Critique FDA Medical Devices
Valenstein Tobin Tobin's critique UPenn
Workman Ryan Rworkman critique NIH
Yen Chun CY Critique FDA
Naylor Jocelyn JN Critique NIH