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Medical trackers/info resources

  • BugBytes - Identify poisonous bugs and snakes to get medical advice
Report: BugBytes Report
Video: BugBytes Demo
Video Script: BugBytes Demo Script
Slides: BugBytes Presentation
Report: MoodTracker Report
Video: MoodTracker Demonstration
Slides: MoodTracker Presentation
  • NutritionMonitor - Stores user's daily intake and personal info to contribute to diet creation and health advice
Report: NutritionMonitor Report
Video: NutritionMonitor Demo
Slides: Slides from NutritionMonitor Presentation

Medication-related projects

  • IdentifyRX - iPad app to help patients figure out the names of their medications and compile a list
Report: IdentifyRX Report
Video: IdentifyRX Video
Slides: \IdentifyRX Slides
  • TerraMed - Optimization of Computerized Physician Order Entry System
Report: TerraMed Report
Video: Team TerraMed Video
Slides: TerraMed Slides
  • MyHealth - Website that allows user to find the likelihood that a medication is causing a symptom
Report: Paper
Video: MyHealth Demo
Slides: MyHealth Slides
  • MedSocial (formerly MedWatcher) - Prescription reminder tool that allows doctor and patient communication
Report: Final report
Video: MedSocial Demo Video
Slides: MedSocial Slides
Prezi: MedSocial Prezi Presentation
  • MyRx - Application for doctors and pharmacists to reduce errors in making and filling prescriptions.
Final report
Report: Video:MyRx Demo