CMSC 434 Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction

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Class hours: Mon & Wed, 2pm - 3:15pm

Room: 1121 CSIC

Topics: Science base (theories, models, and studies) and user interface design and development. Graphical user interfaces for desktop, web, and mobile devices. Assess usability by quantitative methods. Conduct task analyses, usability tests, expert reviews, and continuing assessments of working products by interviews, surveys, and logging. Apply design processes and guidelines to develop professional quality user interfaces. Build low-fidelity paper mockups, and a high-fidelity prototype using contemporary tools.


  • New (5/19) The grades are posted.
  • New (5/19) The pictures from the poster presentation day are posted.

Due Dates

  • 5/11 (T): Homework Design 2
  • 5/5 (W): Project Poster
  • 5/5 (W): Project Final Implementation
  • 4/28 (W): Project Experimental Design
  • 4/14 (W): Homework Implementation Homework 4
  • 4/14 (W): Project Computer Prototype (part 1: screens)
  • 4/19 (M): Homework Evaluation 2 (part 1: screens)
  • 4/19 (M): Micro AMT
  • 4/21 (W): Project Computer Prototype (part 2: functionality)
  • 4/26 (M): Homework Evaluation 2 (part 2: functionality)
  • 4/12 (M): Project Paper Prototype Writeup
  • 4/12 (M): Micro Bad Design



Team 1: D.A.T. Team 2: Dr. Robot Team 3: PDM
Team 4 - Grow It! Team 5 - Avalanche Team 6 - RefeReSchedule
Team 7 - eIMCI Team 8 - CS@ Team 9 - Catching the Wave
Team 10 - Craigslist Flex Team 11 - TerpTickets


Week Date Area Topic Term Project Homework Class Activity
1 1/25 Introduction Me vs. Users
1 1/27 Design Usability Wiki Amazon customer reviews
2 2/1 Design User Centered Design Implementation 1/4 UM Shuttle
2 2/3 Design User and Task Analysis STAMP
3 2/8 Snow Break Team Assignment
3 2/10 Snow Break
4 2/15 Design Generating Designs Evaluation 1/2 Goto STAMP for me
4 2/17 Evaluation Usability Evaluation Goto STAMP evaluated
5 2/22 Implementation Prototyping Proposal Design 1/2 Graphics editor
5 2/24 Implementation UI Architecture Paper prototype
6 3/1 Design Learnability User and Task Analysis Implementation 2/4 Learnability
6 3/3 Design Memory Memory
7 3/8 Design Visual Design Principles Design Sketches

Design Presentation

(Teams 2,4,6,7,8,10)

7 3/10 Midterm Design Presentation

(Teams 1,3,5,9,11)

8 3/15 Spring Break
8 3/17 Spring Break
9 3/22 Design Errors
9 3/24 Design Efficiency
10 3/29 Design Satisfaction
10 3/31 Evaluation Prototype Testing Paper Prototype
11 4/5 Application Search and InfoVis Implementation 3/4
11 4/7 Application Accessibility and Universal Design
12 4/12 Evaluation Laws and models Fitts's Law and KLM
12 4/14 Evaluation Controlled Experiments Implementation 4/4 Designing experiments
13 4/19 Application Mobile and Game Interfaces
13 4/21 Application Crowd Sourcing Computer Prototype
14 4/26 Application AI and Robotics Evaluation 2/2
14 4/28 Application CSCW and Social Networks Empirical Design
15 5/3 Application Future Implementation
15 5/5 Project Presentation Demo
16 5/10 Project Presentation Poster Design 2/2

General information


If you have any issue regarding your grades, you are required to bring the issue to the teaching staff within 10 days after the grades are posted.

Midterm: Wednesday, March 10, 2pm - 3:15pm 1121 CSIC

Final: Monday, May 17, 1:30pm - 3:30pm, 1121 CSIC


Name Office Email ( Phone Office Hours
Instructor Dr. Tom Yeh AVW 4465 tomyeh 301-405-9159 M 3:30-4:30pm, W 12:30-1:30pm

(By appointments only)

TA Sureyya Tarkan AVW 3452 sureyya 301-405-7445 M 12:30-1:30pm, W 3:30-4:30pm

(By appointments only)


Note: any email sent to the teaching staff should be prefixed with [CMSC434] to get immediate attention!!!

Late Assignments and Excused Absences policy:

All assignments are due at the beginning of the class on the day that they are due. The paper part (if any) must be turned in in class, and the electronic part (if any) must be submitted by the time of the beginning of class. Late assignments will be strictly penalized. Exceptional circumstances will be considered only if discussed with me in advance. Students claiming an excused absence must apply in writing and furnish documentary support (such as from a health care professional who treated the student) for any assertion that the absence qualifies as an excused absence. The support should explicitly indicate the dates or times the student was incapacitated due to illness. Self-documentation of illness is not itself sufficient support to excuse the absence. Instructors are not under obligation to offer a substitute assignment or to give a student a make-up assessment unless the failure to perform was due to an excused absence. An excused absence for an individual typically does not translate into an extension for team deliverables on a project. All late assignments will have points deducted as follows:

  • -20%: Up to 24 hours late
  • -50%: Up to 48 hours late
  • -100%: More than 48 hours late


Safari Tech Books Online (needs UMD ID to access)