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Evaluation 2 (Due date: 4/26, 2pm)

In this homework, you will evaluate the computer prototypes built by three other teams.


You will pick three teams other than your team and evaluate their computer prototypes. When picking teams, use the criteria below:

  • Pick teams currently with the fewest number of evaluators. The goal is to make sure each team has about the same number of evaluators.
  • Avoid selecting the teams you already tested paper prototypes for.
  • Obviously you should not pick your own team.

Your evaluation should consist of two parts: screen and functionality. You are given two weeks to do this evaluation. You should plan to finish one part each week.


The computer prototype should have all the major screens implemented. Choose one screen that has not been commented yet and give one design recommendation to help the team improve the design. This recommendation should be related to one of the usability issues below:

  • affordance
  • consistency
  • memory
  • error prevention
  • visual design (color, contrast, grouping, sizes)


The computer prototype should have its functionality implemented to support at least one major task. Perform a simple cognitive walkthrough by answering (yes or no) the following questions at each step of the task.

  • Do I know the next step?
  • Do I see the control?
  • Do I understand the control?
  • Do I see the feedback?

Also, when possible, provide any comment that can be useful for the other team. Review Lecture 6 on Usability Evaluation to review the the cognitive walkthrough evaluation technique.


  • On your personal homework page, add a new section titled Evaluation 2. In this section, create a subsection for each team you chose to evaluate and write your evaluation there (See Example).
  • On this instruction page, add your name to each team section below. Link your name to the corresponding subsection on your personal page. The purpose is to allow someone on another team to click on your name and go to the evaluation you wrote for that team.


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