Project - Preliminary Design Presentation

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One critical element of user-centered design is to communicate with your users early about possible design ideas. We will use class time for each team to give a brief five-minute presentation about the project idea and preliminary design. The entire class will pretend to be your target users to listen to your presentation and give you feedback.

The presentation must cover the following four parts in sequence:

  1. Give the overview of the project (motivation, problem statement, proposed solution).
  2. Describe the three main user classes.
  3. Describe the persona for the most important user class.
  4. Present one storyboard related to this persona

Since the total presentation time is five minutes, try to allocate about one minute to part 1 to 3 and two minutes to part 4. Make your presentation as concise as possible. Highlight the most important points. Rehearse beforehand to make sure you will not run over time. You can assign each person to present each part, two people presenting two parts each, or one person presenting the whole thing.

We will not use slides. Write your talking points down on an index card if you can not keep them in your head. For the storyboard, we will project it on the projector screen.


3/8: Teams 2,4,6,7,8,10

3/10: Teams 1,3,5,9,11