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(Due: 2/22, 2pm)

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Your first assignment for the project is to propose an idea for the web application your team will design and build for the project. The project idea must indicate what target users and tasks you wish to support by the proposed web application. An example of the idea can be: a web application that helps students of CMSC 434 (target users) to submit homework (tasks).

You first project meeting must take place in a room with a whiteboard. This is important because several of the project assignments to follow will also require you to meet as a group and use the whiteboard. So it is a good idea to find a time and location that works for your team. The goal of meeting, besides getting to know each other, is to brainstorm and come up with a good project idea. Each team member should contribute at least two project ideas compatible with the theme. So each person should prepare a few ideas before the meeting. Ideas do not need to be great. In brainstorming, quantity matters. Elect one member to write each suggested idea on the whiteboard. Wait until all the ideas are written on the board. Then compare the ideas and discuss their pros and cons. Integrate as many positive aspects of the ideas together to form the final idea for the project.

You can read the projects from previous years to get some inspiration.

Theme specific instructions

For teams in theme 1, your target users can be anyone but the tasks supported by the website must be related to health.

For teams in theme 2, your website can support any tasks you wish. But the target population must a social group (e.g., sport team, hobby club, church group … etc) or older adults.

For teams in theme 3, you will choose an existing website you wish to overhaul. The target users will be the existing users of that website. The tasks will be the existing tasks supported by that website

Writing the proposal

The proposal should include the following items:

  • A catchy name for your web application (e.g., SeniorHelp)
  • A longer, more descriptive title (e.g., A web-application to help older adults to find health information)
  • A list of team members
  • A group photo
  • An one sentence description of your target users (e.g., older adults 65 and up)
  • A list of tasks you wish to support with a web application (1 sentence each)
  • A short description of any non-technical method (theme 1 or 2) or website (theme 3) by which your target users currently perform those tasks (3-5 sentences)
  • An argument why a new web application would be advantageous over existing alternatives (3-5 sentences)
  • A list of all the other ideas generated in your brainstorming session (1 sentence each)
  • A photo of the whiteboard

Submitting the proposal