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Application Report (to be done in pairs): (due: 2/27/2007)

Use an existing software tool, such as Spotfire, HCE, TimeSearcher, or Treemap to thoroughly explore a data set of your choice. Report what you found in the form of three headlines that highlight key features and significant findings. Present 3-6 informative displays and write 500-1000 words explaining what you have found. Include your name, email address, date, and affiliation. Please describe the data sets you use, indicating number of items and attributes, as well as the source and URL. Critique the tools you used, making suggestions for improvements.

Your proposal should give a title, the names/emails of the two team members, what software you plan to use, and a few sentences describing the data you will use, plus its source.

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Tuesday :

-- Jeanne Kramer-Smyth & David Rouff (Treepmap and HCE) Wikipedia categories

-- Sorelle Friedler & Elena Zheleva (Spotfire and HCE) Netflix: Visual Analysis for User Movie Preferences

-- Tugrul Ince & Nir Peer (TimeSearcher) Visualization of Living Arrangements and Petroleum Data

-- Sally Divita & Martin Stolen (HCE) EPA Gas Testing (modified 01/14/2009 by Martin F. Stoelen)

-- Chris Ackermann & Alex Quinn (HCE) Attractiveness and Ethnic Identity In East Asian Faces

-- Ray Chen & Nico Zazworka (HCE & GeoVista) CIA Factbook

Thursday :

-- Tim Anglade & Anthony Don (Tulip) [Web Page]

-- Huyen Dao & Robin Berthier (SpotFire) NASDAQ Market Velocity and Forces

-- Sureyya Tarkan & Morimichi Nishigaki (SpotFire) Exploring the Basketball Database with Spotfire

-- Yeelin Tan & Galileo Namata (HCE) Trends in News Reporting

-- Adam Bazinet & Brian Staats (Spotfire) Analyzing the International HapMap Project and Related Initiatives Like CGEMS

-- Mark McLean (HCE) World GNP: Trends in World Growth Since 1970

-- Machon Gregory & Roman Stanchak (Treemap, Prefuse, Spotfire)Identifying Mavens, Connectors, and Salesmen on LastFM -- Presentation


NetFlix: Visual Analysis for User Movie Preferences

-- Sorelle Friedler & Elena Zheleva (Spotfire & HCE)

-- Tim Anglade & Anthony Don (Tulip)

Trends in News Reporting (HCE)

-- Yee Lin Tan & Galileo Namata

Categorization through Crowdsourcing: A look at Wikipedia categories (Treemap & HCE)

-- Jeanne Kramer-Smyth & David Rouff

Making Sense of the International HapMap Project and Related Initiatives Like CGEMS (Spotfire & HCE)

-- Adam Bazinet & Brian Staats

Exploring Market Forces and Velocity (Spotfire)

-- Robin Gwendal Berthier & Huyn Tue Dao

Exploring the Basketball Database (Spotfire)

-- Sureyya Tarkan and Morimichi Nishigaki

Facial Measurements and Perceptions of Personality and Racial Attributes (HCE)

-- Chris Ackermann & Alex Quinn

CIA World Factbook (GeoVista)

-- Ray Chen & Nico Zazworka

EPA Oil Testing Methodology (Spotfire, Treemap ???)

-- Martin Stolen & Sally Divita

Identifying Mavens, Connectors, and Salesmen on LastFM (HCE & Spotfire)

-- Roman Stanchak & Machon Gregory

Changes and Trends in Living Arrangements (TimeSearcher)

-- Tugrul Ince & Nir Peer

Gross National Product for the World (1970-2004) (Starlight)

-- Mark McLean