Homework Number 1

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Homework #1 (Static displays for data presentation): (due: 2/1/2007)

Go to a web site (e.g. National Center for Health Statistics (http://www.cdc.gov/nchs) or others listed on the Repositories page) and look around at their many data sets to find one that interests you. Download the data and use a standard presentation tool such as Excel to make three useful informative charts (bar charts, plots, scattergrams, etc.). Each one should have a headline that tells a story. Do your best to make the information stand out clearly by choosing appropriate labels, legends, colors, etc. Add a small caption box on the chart (or above or below) with your headline to tell the story (Include your name). Convert to three Powerpoint slides, upload file and add link to your file below.

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(Please list alphabetically by last name.)

  • Tugrul Ince - Statistics on patent applications received by European Patent Office
  • Nir Peer - America’s Families and Living Arrangements
  • David Rouff - Census Stats on Fed Research Grants to Universities (Revised)
  • Brian Staats - Haplotype Diversity in Immune Related Genes Between Different Populations