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Project Members
DualNet: A Coordinated View Approach to Network Visualization Galileo Namata
Brian Staats User:staatsb
ArchivesZ: Visualizing Archival Collections Jeanne Kramer-Smyth
Tim Anglade
Morimichi Nishigaki
FeatureLens: Interactive Visualization of Text Patterns Sureyya Tarkan
Elena Zheleva
Machon Gregory
Anthony Don
FireStox: Exploring NASDAQ Velocity and Forces Huyen Tue Dao
Robin Berthier
Adam Bazinet
Visual Discovery of Patterns in Sparse Event Data Using Sentinel Event Alignment, Ranking, and Filtering Alex Quinn
Roman Stanchak
TimeMerger: Visualizing Disparate Temporal Data Types Sally Divita
Martin Stolen
CodeVizard: Gaining insight into the development process of novices code Chris Ackermann
Nico Zazworka
eduViz: A visualization tool for grade exploration and assignment

Continuation of the project after CMSC 734:

  • Project page
  • Journal paper: Sorelle A. Friedler, Yee Lin Tan, Nir J. Peer, and Ben Shneiderman. Enabling teachers to explore grade patterns to identify individual needs and promote fairer student assessment. Computers & Education, to appear 2008.

Work done during CMSC 734:

Sorelle Friedler
Nir Peer
Yeelin Tan
Visualizing Regression Test Results Ray Chen
Tugrul Ince
ConceptMap:Clustering Visualizations of Categorical Domains

Comparing and integrating Node-Link Graphs, Self-Organizing Maps, Dendrograms, and Adjacency Matrices to develop visualizations of clustering’s and trends among categorical data sets. Specifically, our goal is to provide an application that lets user see the topics of published research in a visualization that depicts the following:

  • The relative volume of research for different topics. This will be depicted by the size of an area representing a key term, with size decided by the relative frequency of that key term listed as keywords across the available published research.
  • The degree of similarity in related terms through clustering and drawing boundaries between clusters.
  • Variations within/between clusters by use of color and shading
David Rouff
Mark McLean

Proposed Topics