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viz4all 2006

viz4all 2005

Video: Hans Rosling's talk at 2006 TED Conference

Website discussing many of the statistics in Hans Rosling's talk

NY Times State of the Union text search

IBM Shared Visualization: ManyEyes

" intends to be a unified resource space for anyone interested in the visualization of complex networks."

Data visualization & visual communication blog

--Information visualization applications

Treemap —

TimeSearcher —

Hierarchical Clustering Explorer (HCE) —

-- Information visualization resources Human-Computer Interaction Lab (HCIL) —

Info Vis Resources —

Info Vis Reports —

Info Vis Journals & Conferences —

Information Esthetics —

Information Aesthetics (form follows data towards creative information visualization) —

Open Directory: Information Visualization —

Online Library of Info Vis Environments (1997) —

ATT Info Vis —

Pacific Northwest National Labs —

National Visualization & Analytics Center —

Chaomei Chen’s Home page —

Information Visualization Journal —

Newsmap (Weskamp) —

Hearst’s Berkeley InfoVis (2000) —

Dodge’s Cyberspace Atlas —

Friendly’s Gallery of Data Visualization —

Fekete’s InfoVis toolkit —

Ward’s Xmdv tool —

Borner’s InfoVis CyberInfrastructure —

John Goodall’s Resources —

Munzner’s Information Visualization Class Page —

ILOG Discovery —

HCIL Products —

CMU StatLib —

National Center for Health Statistics —

SPIE Visual Data Analysis —

PNAS Mapping Knowledge Domains —

IEEE Info Vis 2004 —

IEEE Info Vis Contest 2004 —

London Int’l Conf. on Info Vis—

VizTree download

prefuse | information visualization toolkit -

-- Commercial tools

Spotfire —

HiveGroup —

Panopticon —

Visual Analytics —

Tableau Software —

Corda —

Macrofocus —

InfoZoom-JacoZoom —

Inxight —


NetViz —

I2 Investigative Analysis —

SAS (SAS/GRAPH etc.) —


DataDescription Inc. —

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