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Remarks about final papers

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Did the title use the right words?
    • Shneiderman prefers "<topic>: a case study of <program name>" to "<program name>: <description>"
    • Make a strong case for contribution, and include that in the title
  • Does the introduction introduce new terms and contributions?
  • Does the conclusion review new terms and contributions?

Coordinate terms (ie. "monitor" or "screen") amongst your team members.

Clearly claim a new contribution and who is interested in it.

Professor's preference: "users" rather than "the user."

Limit "we-ing" (work description--"we did this") and focus on contributions.

Feel free to make changes to the paper until the 8th, when the final version is due.

Add links to final paper, demos, and videos beside the project team links.

Make sure the abstract is interesting (many people will only look at the abstract), including a brief description of the study done.


Can you create a language of transitions?

General use interface instructions:

  • Every user action should have a program reaction.
  • Affordances--let the user know what pieces are interactive/what actions they can take.
  • Every additional action required to perform an action disrupts short-term memory.

Self-introduced vs. external interruptions


HCIL: Excentric labels - Link

Example: Google Maps street labels