Homework Number 1

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Homework #1 (ManyEyes for data visualization): (due: 2/7/2008)

Go to a web site, e.g. National Center for Health Statistics (http://www.cdc.gov/nchs) or others listed on the Quality Repositories page: http://www.cs.umd.edu/class/spring2006/cmsc838s/data_repositories/repository_home.html and look around at their many data sets to find one that interests you. Download the data and use ManyEyes http://services.alphaworks.ibm.com/manyeyes/app to make three useful informative visual displays. For each one you should include a provocative headline that tells a story. Do your best to make the information stand out clearly by choosing appropriate comments, labels, legends, colors, etc. Add a small comment with your headline to tell the story (Include your name). Add your name, followed by the headlines as three URLs to the wiki.

Blue, Ryan

Daken, Abigail

Dogruel, Eylul

Dunne, Cody

Fuchs, Adam

Grimes, Justin

Huimin, Guo

Jong, Chang-Han

King, Kyle

Knudsen, Ken

Lam, Michael

Lee, Joonghoon

Lieberman, Mike — "Advice for the Weary, Wary Tourist"

Lotze, Thomas

Olea, Andreea

Rajkumar, Prahalad

Schulman, Aaron

Siddiquie, Behjat

Straszheim, Troy D.

For the first two, see also http://www.xkcd.com/369/ and http://ebiquity.umbc.edu/blogger/2008/01/13/the-xkcd-data-died-in-a-blogging-accident/ -t

Taheri, Sima

VanDaniker, Michael

Wongsuphasawat, Krist

Yahav, Inbal

Filippova, Darya

Mir Rashed, Fatemeh