Homework Number 2

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Homework #2 (Critique of ManyEyes visualization web site): (due: 2/14/2008)

Based on your experience with ManyEyes, write a 1-page critique (12 pt font, 1 inch margins, single spaced), as a letter to the designers. Describe what you like and why, then make suggestions for improvements, put this on the wiki under Homework #2. Include your name, email address, date, and affiliation. For background, read: Many Eyes: A Site for Visualization at Internet Scale, Fernanda Viégas, Martin Wattenberg, Frank van Ham, Jesse Kriss, Matt McKeon, IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization (2007).

Blue, Ryan

Daken, Abigail

Dogruel, Eylul

Dunne, Cody

Filippova, Darya

Fuchs, Adam

Grimes, Justin

Jong, Chang-Han

Huimin, Guo

King, Kyle

Knudsen, Ken

Lam, Michael

Lee, Joonghoon

Lieberman, Mike

Lotze, Thomas

Olea, Andreea

Rajkumar, Prahalad

Schulman, Aaron

Siddiquie, Behjat

Taheri, Sima

Wongsuphasawat, Krist

VanDaniker, Michael

Yahav, Inbal

Mir Rashed, Fatemeh