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Please sign up to do a critique of one project and send your critique to me ( and all the authors by May 4, 6pm (earlier if possible).

Please start with one paragraph describing what you liked and what your learned. Then go on to make suggestions for improving the paper presentation or user interface (that could be implemented by May 6). Your suggestions should include:

  1. high-level concepts/organization, choice of title, appropriate abstract/introduction/conclusions, thoughtful implications/future work,
  2. middle-level issues of terminology, consistency, examples, literature review, writing style, and additional citations, and
  3. low-level issues of grammar, captions, formatting, etc. If you see ways to improve the interface, please suggest them. Total length should be a page or two.

I will grade these critiques as to how much they help your colleagues improve the quality of their work. Those of you seeking extra credit can do a second critique.


1) Michael VanDaniker 2) Fatemeh Mir Rashed

3) Thomas Lotze 4) Joonghoon Lee

5) Abigail Daken 6) Michael Lam

7) Huimin Guo 8) Krist Wongsuphasawat

State of the USA

1) Inbal Yahav 2) Ryan Blue

3) Kyle King 4) Adam Fuchs

5) Ken Knudsen

Versioning Machine

1) Sima Taheri 2) Abigail Daken

3) Huimin Guo 4) Krist Wongsuphasawat

5) Justin Grimes

Traffic Incident Heat Maps: Traffic Analyst Edition

1) Cody Dunne 2) Prahalad Rajkumar

3) Behjat Siddiquie 4) Justin Grimes

Traffic Incident Heat Maps: Mobile Phone Edition

1) Aaron Schulman 2) Michael Lam

3) Me! (Mike Lieberman) 4) Jong Chang-Han

PubMed Document Network

1) Ken Knudsen 2) Ryan Blue

3) Darya Filippova 4) Andreea Olea

5) Eylul Dogruel