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Application or Semester Project Ideas

1) Prof. Susan Moeller- Journalism, will have some projects

2) Darya Filippova (in our class) – Extend Basketlens for text analysis

3) Catherine Plaisant will have a project for National Cancer Institute – patterns of cooperation among 650 organizations.

4) CS Grad student is ready to work with you: Galileo Namata ( - Improve last year’s class project on DualNet.

5) Beth Noveck (New York Law School): Apply visualization to patent review process: Community Patent Review project

6) Catherine Plaisant and grad student David Wang: Expand on PatternFinder - patient history search

7) Scott Gilkeson, State of the USA – public info on key indicators

8a) CS Prof. Vibha Sazawal: Info Vis for debugging. I am particularly interested in applying results from medical informatics regarding medical diagnosis to bug diagnosis.

8b) CS Prof. Vibha Sazawal: Learning a new programming language given knowledge of another programming language. I see this as an ontology mapping problem.

9) Catherine Plaisant: Improve the Timeline for HCIL projects: do a historical timeline for all HCIL projects, maybe using Lifelines or other tools, to improve on overly long separation into current and past projects at

10) CLIS Prof. Jimmy Lin: I used Social Network Analysis (SNA) to visualize related document networks, i.e., documents connected by content similarity links. We considered graphs on the order of hundreds of nodes, but what about: 17 million nodes! all of MEDLINE... As part of the cloud computing course, a team will be working on these large networks, doing things like computing PageRank, finding communities of related papers, etc. See: