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Univ of Md: CMSC 734 Information Visualization – Syllabus (Aug 26, 2009) Subject to change – Prof. Ben Shneiderman

Date Topics, Papers/Readings, Demos and Assignments Due
2-Sept Topic: Introduction, definitions, scope, Comparison with SciViz
  • 7 types (1-, 2-, 3-, multi-dimensional, temporal, tree, and network data)
  • 7 tasks (overview, zoom, filter, details-on-demand, relate, history, and extract)
  • Direct manipulation (visual representation of the objects and actions of interest and rapid, incremental, and reversible operations)
  • Dynamic queries (HomeFinder, Spotfire)
  • Visual Info Seeking mantra: Overview First, Zoom and Filter, then Details-on-Demand
  • Evaluation methods (controlled experiments, observations, case studies)

Readings: Illuminating the Path: The Research and Development Agenda for Visual Analytics Concentrate on Chapter 2, 3, and 4.

  1. Grand Challenges (500K PDF)
  2. The Science of Analytical Reasoning (1.9MB PDF)
  3. Visual Representations and Interaction Technologies (4.6MB PDF)
  4. Data Representations and Transformations (108K PDF)

Other sources: Chapter 14 DTUI & First chapter of Readings in Info Visualization book

9-Sept Topic: Show example of collaborative visualization using repository data or your own and putting on ManyEyes

Assignment Due: Homework #1 New York Times visualization critique

Project idea discussions

1a) Plaisant, C., The Challenge of Information Visualization Evaluation. Proc. of Conf. on Advanced Visual Interfaces AVI’04 (2004), p.109-116 (HCIL-2004-19). (Published version at [1]] )

1b) Shneiderman, B. and Plaisant, C., Strategies for evaluating information visualization tools: Multi-dimensional In-depth Long-term Case Studies, In Proc. Beyond time and errors: novel evaluation methods for Information Visualization, Workshop of the Advanced Visual Interfaces Conference, Available in ACM Digital Library (2006), 1-7.

Ben Shneiderman slides HCI Research Methods

16- Sept Topic: Multidimensional and multivariate data (HCE) , Parallel Coordinates

2) Jinwook Seo and Ben Shneiderman, Knowledge Discovery in High Dimensional Data: Case Studies and a User Survey for the Rank-by-Feature Framework, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, Vol. 12, No. 3 (2006), 311-322.

Background: J. Seo and B. Shneiderman. A Rank-by-Feature Framework for Interactive Exploration of Multidimensional Data, Information Visualization, 4, 2 (June 2005), 99-113. (HCIL-2004-31).

Assignment Due: Application Presentation Proposal (email to Dr. Shneiderman Sept 15, 10am

Assignment Due: Homework #2 ManyEyes application

Topic Evaluation for Info Vis

3) Purvi Saraiya, Chris North, Vy Lam, Karen Duca, An Insight-based Longitudinal Study of Visual Analytics, IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 12(6) (November 2006), 1511-1522.

Background: Purvi Saraiya, Chris North, Karen Duca, 2004. An Evaluation of Microarray Visualization Tools for Biological Insight, IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization 2004 (2004), 1-8.

Background (short & interesting): Chris North, Visualization Viewpoints: Toward Measuring Visualization Insight, IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications, 26(3) (May/June 2006), 6-9.

23- Sept Topic: Temporal data visualization (VizTree, TimeSearcher)

4) Lin, J., Keogh, E., Lonardi, S., Visualizing and discovering non-trivial patterns in large time series databases, Information Visualization 2005, Vol 4, No 2 Journal version Alternate version Keogh’s slides VizTree download

Background on TimeSearcher: Buono, P., Aris, A., Plaisant, C., Khella, A. and Shneiderman, B., Interactive Pattern Search in Time Series, Proc. Conf. on Visualization and Data Analysis, VDA 2005, SPIE, (2005) 175-186.

Topic: Temporal event sequences (Lifelines2) Earlier work (Lifelines)

5) Wang, T., Plaisant, C., Quinn, A., Stanchak, R., Shneiderman, B., Murphy, S. Aligning temporal data by sentinel events: Discovering patterns in electronic health records Proc. ACM CHI2008 Human Factors in Computing Systems Conference, ACM, New York (April 2008), 457-466.

30- Sept Topic: Hierarchical and tree structured data

6) Bederson, B.B., Shneiderman, B., and Wattenberg, M., Ordered and Quantum Treemaps: Making Effective Use of 2D Space to Display Hierarchies. ACM Trans on Graphics (TOG), 21, (4), October 2002, pp. 833-854 (HCIL-2001-18).

Topic: Hyperbolic tree vs Windows Explorer vs Spacetree

7) Plaisant, C., Grosjean, J., and Bederson, B. (April 2002). SpaceTree: Supporting Exploration in Large Node Link Tree, Design Evolution and Empirical Evaluation. IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization, 2002: 57 -64, Boston, October 2002 (HCIL-2002-05). Also available from CiteSeer

Assignment Due: Proposal for Term Project (email to Dr. Shneiderman

Assignment Due: Application Presentations and Web Page (Plan for a 6-minute presentation)


Review of GRIDL

Discussion of Application Projects & Midterm review

14-Oct Midterm exam

Topic: Network information visualization

8) Adam Perer and Ben Shneiderman, Integrating Statistics and Visualization: Case Studies of Gaining Clarity during Exploratory Data Analysis, ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (April 2008).

Background: Heer, J., Boyd, D.,Vizster: visualizing online social networks, IEEE Info Visualization 2005, 32- 39 Slides

21-Oct Topic: Networks

9) Smith, M., Shneiderman, B., Milic-Frayling, N., Mendes-Rodrigues, E., Barash, V., Dunne, C., Capone, T., Perer, A., Gleave, E. First steps to NetViz Nirvana: Evaluating (social media) networks with NodeXL Proc. Communities & Technologies Conference, Springer (2009) - Link fixed Background papers and Download: NodeXL website:

10) MatLink: Enhanced Matrix Visualization for Analyzing Social Networks Nathalie Henry and Jean-Daniel Fekete, In Proc. IFIP TC13 Int’l Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (Interact 2007), Sept 2007. Springer Verlag, pp. 288-302.

28-Oct Topic: Networks

11) Lieberman, M. D., Taheri, S., Guo, H., Mir-Rashed, F., Yahav, I., Aris, A., and Shneiderman, B., Visual exploration across biomedical databases, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (to appear 2009). This was a team project in Spring 2008.

Background: Shneiderman, B. and Aris, A., Network Visualization by Semantic Substrates, IEEE Info Visualization 2006

4-Nov Topic: Web Search

12) Bill Kules, Max L. Wilson, Monica Schraefel, Ben Shneiderman. Visualization of Web Search Results

Topic: Large Displays

13) L. Shupp, B. Yost, and C. North, Shaping the Display of the Future: The Effects of Display Size and Curvature on User Performance and Insights, to appear in Human-Computer Interaction, (2009).


Progress Reports on Team Projects

Topic: Frameworks & Patterns

14) Toward a Deeper Understanding of the Role of Interaction in Information Visualization Yi, J. S., Kang, Y. A., Stasko, J., & Jacko, J. A. (2007).. IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG), 13(6). Presented in InfoVis 2007, Sacramento, California, October 28 - November 1, 1224-1231.

Background (Alternate model): Software Design Patterns for Information Visualization Jeffrey Heer, Maneesh Agrawala IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG), 12(5). Sep/Oct 2006.


Progress Reports on Team Projects

Topic: Color Design

15a) MacDonald, L. (July/Aug 1999). Using Color Effectively in Computer Graphics. IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications.

15b) Few, S. (2008), Practical Rules for Using Color in Charts (Untracked)

ColorBrewer —




Topic: Training & Learning

Background: Plaisant, C. and Shneiderman, B. Show Me! Guidelines for Producing Recorded Demonstrations Proc 2005 IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing, (VL/HCC'05), 171 - 178. [Camtasia] Slides

Topic: Text Visualization

Background: Collins, Wattenberg and Viegas, Parallel Tag Clouds to Explore and Analyze Faceted Text Corpora, InfoVis, 2009.

Topic: 2D vs. 3D

Background: Shneiderman, B., Why not make interfaces better than 3D reality?, IEEE-CG&A (November/December 2003).

Topic: Showing missing values and uncertainty

Class Presentation by Ben Shneiderman (Web) (PPT)

Topic: Integrating Text and Graphics

Topic: Animated Transitions & Labels [SpaceTree] [BabyNameVoyager] [Color Code] [Heer et al.] [Golan Levin's Life of Numbers]


Topic: User interfaces for brushing, marking, selecting and annotating

Topic: Universal usability [Student Project] [Resources]

Topic: Sonification, haptification & alternative output devices [iSonic]

Topic Privacy & Social Impact

Assignment Due: Project Draft — Due on the web by 4pm

Assignment Due: Term Project Draft Critiques — Sent to Dr. Shneiderman ( and authors by 6pm, December 5, Saturday.

9-Dec Term Project Presentations

Final papers due on the web, class time Wednesday December 9.

16-Dec Final Exam 4:00-6:00pm (was formerly 1:30-3:30pm)